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why do people hate on rtx so much?

2021.04.14 20:52 barlos_bugo why do people hate on rtx so much?

yes, its new to REAL TIME computer graphics in gaming, but i feel like people see it as something that its not. its a completely different way of rendering a 3d scene thats not restricted by the screen. ive seen outrageous claims that rtx doesnt "change a whole lot" when it literally renders the game in a completely different way. and i feel like people arent seeing the creative opportunities possible with rtx thats not possible in regular rasterized games.
a big one is more for the artists that dont have to fake lighting tricks to achieve realistic lighting. like baked lighting, global illumination, baked shadows, and realistic shadow properties. instead, ray tracing literally is realistic lighting because it simulates how light works and interacts with the scene. for example lets say you have a dark room illuminated by a spot light. with my very limited game development knowledge, (i use the creation kit an engine used in bethesda games), a normal spotlight only illuminates the spot its pointing at. now if it were an empty void, i really wouldnt need to anything else but if im in a hallway and theres walls and props are all around, only things in the area light are illuminated. i would need to fake the bouncing of the light with an area light to make it more realistic.
ray tracing eliminates the need to do that because it calculates all the light rays bouncing around in a room and off objects, and i no longer need to fake the effect.
ray tracing also makes every light a shadow casting light, even emissive lighting like neon signs and properly simulates the softness of shadows relative to the distance of the light source.
the sun is a good example. if you look at a tree shadow from the sun in a video game its either 2 things. a hard contact shadow, or a soft shadow. ray tracing combines the 2 like in real life where the base of the tree shadow is hard and gets softer when the leaves and branches are casting a shadow.
now i kow, rasterized games already have all of these features, whats the point? well in a rasterized game, its very selective. only specific light sources cast shadows, not all objects cast proper and accurate shadows of objects, not every light source can bounce lighting, emissive lighting does not cast any shadows. its all up to the artist to determine what does what in a scene to set proper mood. ray tracing does all the heavy lifting and all you do is set the scene.
another huge, and very noticeable feature of rtx is the reflections. they are simulated, in realtime, and are not bound to the screen meaning you can see things in reflections that are behind you. and its applicable to every surface in the game because everything in real life reflects something. perfect mirror like reflections for things like glass, polished materials, still water and wet surfaces, and shiny metals. and defuse reflections in things like wood, brushed steel, plastic, and ice. its also possible to get the "hall of mirrors" effect when mirrors reflect each other infinitely
now i bet youre wondering if you made it this far, "what the hell is your point to any of this?" well i feel like people are missing the creative opportunities ray tracing gives us that arent possible with last generation hardware. imagine a horror game where you can tell youre being pursued because you noticed a subtle reflection in a picture frame move. or youre in a room illuminated by only windows and the light pours in, bouncing all around except for maybe an exposed attic thats too dark to see because the light isnt bouncing up there and something could be hiding up there. in a normal rasterized game, this is not at all possible.
simulating the properties of real life only gives us the means to manipulate and distort it even more in ways that can only truly ever exist in a video game but feels real because it looks real. compare the first toy story to toy story 4 and you will see how DRASRTICALLY different the lighting is because the artist didnt have to fake anything. it was all being properly simulated realistically.
thats why i think ray tracing has a large impact on the future of game development and we could very well see Pixar levels of realism in our games in the near future.
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2021.04.14 20:52 bioartnerd Cute sporty swimsuits for a nonbinary

Hey all! Im looking for some cute swimsuits that have full top coverage (for my boobs) but aren't too feminine. One pieces and two pieces are good. In the past I've really liked more sporty pieces because they aren't too feminine. I've never bought swimsuits online and need one with a good return policy in case they aren't my asthetic. Thanks!
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2021.04.14 20:52 eatrunswag Late delivery “personal record”

Hey furniture, I’ve been reading multiple late covid delivery threads to share in the pain with others as I still await a West Elm order. I was wondering what your “personal record” for latest delivery is during this pandemic?
Currently we are awaiting a dresser and a sectional from west elm ordered in November 27th when we closed on a new house. The dresser’s predicted delivery date was Dec 15 and the couch was Feb 9th. The dresser is at the delivery center and the couch was built March 2nd. Currently a “predicted date” of April 26th, so that would be 5 months for them to arrive from order date..which I doubt will happen
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2021.04.14 20:52 Just_Pomegranate_699 The hardest shit is that even if you took all his talent away the world genuinely lost a caring, funny, good guy who cared about his fans. Everytime I think that he passed at 21 it breaks my heart and it’s been over 16 months now💔 RIP Legend

The hardest shit is that even if you took all his talent away the world genuinely lost a caring, funny, good guy who cared about his fans. Everytime I think that he passed at 21 it breaks my heart and it’s been over 16 months now💔 RIP Legend submitted by Just_Pomegranate_699 to JuiceWRLD [link] [comments]

2021.04.14 20:52 DementedFrosty Just Gotta Brute Force It - Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - #13

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2021.04.14 20:52 Yugtabub Sticky Right Trigger | 3 weeks old

After playing Rocket League today I noticed that my right trigger has become ‘sticky’. When I press the trigger there is a noticeable delay before it depresses.
It’s not food / sweat or other dirt so what could it be?
And does anyone have experience with returning controllers to Microsoft? How long does it take ?
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2021.04.14 20:52 Tylerw12121 Just got my Moxley Chase back from Highspots. Stoked with how this turned out!

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2021.04.14 20:52 Ok_Astronomer3920 hahahahha

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2021.04.14 20:52 globglog [M16] verification pic is last, but dont mind that. What do yall think, be honest, i can take it. I know the 3rd picture is kinda useless.

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2021.04.14 20:52 AkariAkaza Server Maintenance And Hot Fixes 15th Of April 2021

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2021.04.14 20:52 KinnerNevada J-Lo, H.E.R. and Foo Fighters to star in streamed concert to fund COVID-19 vaccines

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2021.04.14 20:52 Square_Balance60 Join the MEGA | NSFW Discord Server!

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2021.04.14 20:52 peachy_pug More excited to be with mom than other dogs at the dog park!

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2021.04.14 20:52 iAm_A_Microwave Death icon on compass PLEASE

I just went to take a dump and of course my 3y/o takes it upon him self to go and die in the wilderness of Vesania..... With my 3QTRGs and portable oxygenator 😅 safe to say I'm done for the night.
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2021.04.14 20:52 NinoNakanon For Itsuki fans Itsuki in pajama

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2021.04.14 20:52 WolfDespair07 I Realized I Never Actually Took The Normal Picture's Of This Car So Here Ya Go !

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2021.04.14 20:52 SDC_Enthusiast Air taxi SPACs tout ambitious projections, but is a reality check on the way?

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2021.04.14 20:52 Oppostack Rebel: MONTREAL PROTESTS A MASSIVE SUCCESS

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2021.04.14 20:52 GeorgeYDesign Beat the deadline: Apply to compete in Startup Battlefield at TC Disrupt 2021

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2021.04.14 20:52 Ystebad Prysm - need help with stop/start/upgrade process

I installed prysm through the Somer Esat tutorial for eth2 staking.
The eth2 launchpad says that I should know how to manually stop and restart my beacon node (I'm running geth locally) and validator.
Went to prysm website and it says first to run: prysm.sh beacon-chain --version
While in my prysm directory (ubuntu 20.04 install) there is a file there called prysm.sh but when I run the command above it returns: prysm.sh: command not found
Can anyone point me to a resource where I can learn how to do what the launchpad states I should practice? Appreciated.
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2021.04.14 20:52 UNDERNERF Alguien compró en esta página?

Encontré un producto que me interesa en insumaxinformatica.com.ar y es la primera vez que escucho de esa página. Todavía me estoy cagando de risa con el slogan: "Insumax te damos siempre max!"
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2021.04.14 20:52 PanzerBirb [EXPANSION]

Following the official proclamation of the Kyslevite state, Kyslev has chosen to not sit back but further establish their place in Africa, lest foreign forces seek to surround and smother the Kyslevite state in its infancy. As such, Kyslevite forces have taken the initiative and have expanded north, helping to secure most of Lake Edward in the West and have pushed towards the city of Masaka by seizing land on the coast of Lake Victoria. Rebel and local forces in the regions have been eliminated and Kyslevite governance (as well as food) has begun to be sent north to assist in the Kyslevite liberation efforts.
Provinces: CD031, UG015, UG016
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2021.04.14 20:52 TemperatureNo8210 Idk if i have ADHD, ADD or anything else, or if im just a simple depressed teen

Sorry for bad english lol.
So my whole life ive had less friends and always been bad at communicating. My personalities are pretty weird cause they change to who ever i talk to. For example i can be nice and happy to one guy, and crazy or pshycopatic to another. It just depends on how they are. Anyways im pretty sure i dont have ADHD cause im not hyperactive at all, quite the opposite. I tried to check for ADD cause most of the symptoms for ADD sums up for what i have. For example since 5th grade my focus have started to get worse. It does not matter what class or how boring it is, my brain just slowly drift away and i start day dreaming for like 20 minutes. Even when i really try to focus, my brain just tells me simply ´´No´´ its like it dont want me to focus. This has also gotten my grades much worse too. It also happens at home when im trying to do homework or an asignment.
Another thing i find intresting is that my senses has always been 2x. Like for example my hearing, i always heard things i shouldnt, or in a loud talking classroom i could focus on what people on the other corner was talking about. And ive always been really easy to get nauseous, on a whole other level. My mom always got nauseous when she was smaller, but i get nauseous for the most easiest things, most of them being passanger in a strangers car or a bus. Someone who does not drive exactly like my mom does. And i have also passed out for at least 4 times in my life for just being nauseous.
Another thing is i dont like is change, like moving to a new city, trying a new sport or getting new freinds. But i still get intressed in different things like one day i love reading books, one day i want to start rapping or become a streamer. But i just think thats normal teen stuff.
One other thing that ive always wondered about is that i just spaz out randomly. For example if im playing a game, or watchin an action scene in a action movie. I just drift aways and suddenly im in the same scene. Its like i put on a VR or someting. My hands start shaking and i start stomping. Its like i cant controll it, it just happens.
Ive also started eating alot less, like barely at all. I only eat breakfeast ( 1 sandwich or something), then for lunch i barely even touch the food. Plus i get bored easily and im a introvert.
Im 14 yrs old and live in Sweden. If anyone has any idea what this might be or if im just a normal teen please tell me.
And again sorry for my bad english.
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2021.04.14 20:52 ChatotAbby I wish that everything Among Us-related was seen as erotic.

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2021.04.14 20:52 bbsb22 1588 8094 0342add me for landorus raid

1588 8094 0342 add me pls
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