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Just for disaster happens

2021.04.14 21:57 DhaHobbit Just for disaster happens

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2021.04.14 21:57 shmengels The man can do it all

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2021.04.14 21:57 HDTokyo Man arrested for creating fake army unit

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2021.04.14 21:57 sarai098 Dimensions/Floorplan of Troy Hall and Troy East Dorms?

Hi everyone!
I'm an incoming USC grad student, and I was considering living on campus and wanted to see what the dimensions and exact floorplans of Troy Hall and Troy East dorms were, especially the 2-person, 1 bedroom and 4-person, 2 bedroom.
But I emailed housing and they said that they don't have the dimensions or floorplans available.
Does anyone have any idea of the dimensions and floorplans of Troy Hall and Troy East, or any other graduate housing form?
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2021.04.14 21:57 gmeman2005 APE! Great pre-workout for us almighty winners of the AMC battle. This video covers something that will change everything and send our beloved stocks flying. Check it out! I'm shook

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2021.04.14 21:57 sloanpal144 Girl (27f) I (27m) met on Reddit was perfect, but turned out she was married and lives 2000 miles away.

I don't know what I aim to achieve with this post. I guess I'm just here to vent because I'm legitimately fucking sad.
It just always happens... I find someone I actually like. Someone that I can relate to on a deep level and talk to for days on end. Someone that I'm beyond attracted to physically. But that person always turns out to be just out of reach.. And what sucks even more this time is this girl really liked me back. Which never happens.
The thing is, I didn't find out she was married until just a few days ago, and after I had already started having feelings for her.. I kept talking to her because she told me she regretted her marriage and how she felt lonely and unhappy, but she made it clear she has no plans to leave despite that.. She essentially just wanted someone to help mask her marriage issues, and I guess I was the one she picked. She told me she wanted to keep whatever we had going, and she said if her feelings devolped further something could possibly happen between us later down the line, but last night I told her I couldn't do it... I can't do something like this and know it will amount to nothing. And now I'm just here feeling absolutely heartbroken
Tl;dr I met this girl on reddit and we hit it off, but I found out she was married and lives 2000 miles away. Told her I can't continue and now I feel like shit.
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2021.04.14 21:57 Jharrowing [xbox] [h] grey reaper GE [w] Black dieci and 35k

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2021.04.14 21:57 savantsigns Anyone else see this spike to $203 in AH today? This is on moomoo.

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2021.04.14 21:57 QueenKi94 I couldn’t be more excited!

I had been going to a traditional school for three years when I was told that the program I was in was being cancelled due to there not being enough students who had enrolled. (There had to be at least three students in each class. I was the only one.) So I left that school to transfer to another only to find out that my transcripts were being held because I owed too much money at the school where I previously attended. I worked and saved but school took a backseat. I put off going to back for multiple reasons and one year of waiting and working became four years of time just going by. In 2018, I got married and a kid and knew that I wanted him to be proud of his mother. The same year my son was born my dad passed and I had always promised him I’d finish school. The day I decided to go back I was at my sister’s graduation. Seeing her walk across the stage and feeling her happiness made me envious in the best way possible. I knew it was time. I went back in 2019, pregnant most of my time at WGU. I would nap with my son and work on school work during the night from about 9pm-4am. February 22, 2020, I lost my daughter who I had been pregnant with due to her being only 22 weeks when I went into labor. I submerged myself in school and didn’t give up. Life has kicked a lot of our asses these past few years or even within the past few months but don’t give up on whatever you have going on. I’m a true example of someone who once used excuses to get out of doing things in life that were daunting and tbh there never is a justifiable excuse. Whatever you want to do no matter how hard it may, seem do it. Because you’ll feel 10 times better when it’s done. I got my graduation banner yesterday and that was one of the most significant notifications I’ve EVER received in my life. Now I’m about to begin living my dream and that’s an amazing feeling.
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2021.04.14 21:57 Sandbuster18 Luca Cortellessa - Metro Boom [Technocracy Records]

Released: 2021-03-29
Luca Cortellessa - Luca Cortellessa - Metro Boom
DOWNLOAD - http://progonly.com/2021/04/12/luca-cortellessa-metro-boom-technocracy-records/
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2021.04.14 21:57 physicalgeographybot How “My Octopus Teacher” Defied Convention

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2021.04.14 21:57 Khaophadgai Can't get whereabouts of pirate base

There used to be a "grizzled spacer" at my colonies, who I could just buy a drink at the bar and he would tell me which system the pirate base was in. Now I can't find him anymore.
I have 4 colonies in my system and unsuccessfully checked all of them multiple times.
Can anyone help me? My system is at -2 stability and -30% accessibility already. How can I locate the pirate base?
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2021.04.14 21:57 Dani123jrx No sabía que hay tantas maneras de decir conshatumare

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2021.04.14 21:57 Avantgardist I remember my password, but my backup-keyfile won't be accepted

Just a few days ago windows would not start anymore and give me the bluescreen of death.

My system was set up as follows :
C: encrypted Win10-drive. It would ask for the password right when booting.
D and E: regular drive with games and stuff
G: encrypted drive that would need a password and keyfile to be mounted. It would show in the list of hard drives but appear empty and when you clicked on before it was decrypted and mounted it it'd tell you that you'd need to format it before you can use you.

Said keyfile was safed on my C-drive and I also sent it to a friend via discord without telling him it was my keyfile (it was also a meme-jpg). I did not really assume I'd need this backup, but... meh, just in case Now as I mentioned above, my PC wouldn't boot anymore and I had to set up windows again causing me to lose my keyfile on my c-drive.

So I set up my PC again and wanted to decrypt my G-drive but it just won't accept my keyfile anymore. I just checked and it didn't seem that uploading a small image to Discord changes anything. The resolution is the same, even the size in kb is the same. The password I am using is correct - no doubt about that.
So am I missing something - and is there a chance to recover my data? Maybe if I find the place where I downloaded said meme-picture and download it again from there?
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2021.04.14 21:57 Saltz_D Road to 50

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2021.04.14 21:57 NotTyNope How would I count this?

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2021.04.14 21:57 dollartress Am I falling out of love, or was this inevitable?

Sorry for the long post! I am a 24(f) in a relationship since I was 18 to my first ever boyfreind 26(M). I had never had anyone or anthing before my current boyfreind. Now im starting wonder if I ever really had something that would last. For some backround i grew up being the overly shy girl who never had a boyfreind becuause she was too busy being insecure. However, in my young bird brain secretly my dream had always been to have a bf, and once i had that I thought all my problems would go away. When I met my bf he was this flirty handsome young buck that did everything to win me over. Well, it worked!
My problem now is I realize I wanted a bf so bad at the time I never wanted to give much thought to how I connected to him as a person. I was just so excited that a shy girl like me could have a good looking boyfreind that wanted me and I didn't want to let that go.. But now that I am an older and I realize my expectaitons were through the roof for this relationship at the time and refused to think further than "at least he's hot and I won't be lonely" the falling out of love thing has hit me reallyyy hard becasue I feel no connection to him not even as a freind. It sucks because he is a good guy and this has to be 100% on me and my fault! I have this strong memory from when we first started dating adults would ask me what I liked about him and I honestly couldn't think of anything so I would just say something like "he's confident" just to have something to say. All I could really think was "he's hot and nice" and it makes me mad that in my head I was going to have this long time bf and be happy with nothing but that to really hold things up. I couldn't actully find anything that at the time that I admired as a person and I even remeber times I'd get annoyed at his way of thinking but I was easily able to push all that to the side becuase "I had a bf". It just bothers me so much now realizing I my head was not in the right place, but makes it even harder is despite never having really felt close to him he is not a bad guy. I just don't undertsand him, he is more conservative and traditional and his way of thinking can be a little narrow and simple. he has a lot of very closed mined views that I used to be able to ignore. The only thing that stops me from breaking things off is he is a mostly a very good guy. So maybe i'm just being a brat and I need to get over it and accept the guy I chose! or I need to accept that it was doomed from beinging and move on?! Maybe I can learn to actually fall in love with who he actually is the way I always should have? I don't know, and I know writting something on here ultimatly will not help much but at least I can express some stuff. What makes thigns even more frustarting is when I try to to talk to my mom about this the only advice she can give me is "its better than going through life alone" and "at least you'll have a guy that wants to take care of you" and that's great except those were my thoughts at 18,19,20 and here I am not terribly happy, so I found talking to her just being some baised form of traditionalism that doesn't really help figue out whats actully good for me. One thing is for sure I wish young me had been a bit smarter and less desprate. I don't know I think truely this is my fault for just being too stupid when I was young and I am just keeping a good guy from having someone who will love him fully. But why don't I love him??? He's not undesirable.. ok rant over I think...
pls no nasty comments, I know I might be a dumb fuck but I beat myself up enough as it is so you don't have to do it for me! But of course im sure that won't stop some of you.
TL;DR : My younger self had high expectaions of having a long relationship based on superficial things. Now I am no longer happy and don't know what to do.
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2021.04.14 21:57 akajsos New FUNNY Videos 2021 ● People DOING stupid THINGS

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2021.04.14 21:57 Vitality77 quarterly fees question

I can’t seem to find this anywhere here or on google so sorry if it’s been posted before. Quarterly taxes are due tomorrow and i have the money but an emergency with my car (which is my only source of income) has come up and i have to spend most of the money i have saved for quarterly or i won’t have any way to make money so i won’t be able to pay my quarterly taxes ($545.19) and i was wondering what the fees are if i miss the deadline. I’ve seen all over google that there are “penalties and late fees” but the only actual number ive seen is “.5%” but i don’t know if that’s a daily interest rate or if it’s just the amount extra i’ll owe at the end of the year. Please, if you know anything about this, do let me know, and I’m really sorry if this has been asked before.
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2021.04.14 21:57 Tortiose_unturtled Yes one more today because I think it's simple but effective. KQ buff

More damage. Give us 30-50 for bombs. Not like the stupid 18 SHA(tho that one is fair you could argue). KQ is all about chaining knockdowns and you don't get enough damage for what effort you put in in my opinion. I'd be fine with removing hamon buffs, but rn Killer Queen with anything but hamon is just like you pushing a person, instead of punching them. It doesn't do a lot to them. They just get pushed back a little. Also please give us a custom keybind for detonation. I hate to press y and then to go over to 1, just so I can chain my knockdown.
Btw usable doesn't mean good. I don't know how else you could buff it (except for BTD).
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2021.04.14 21:57 metalhead165 [Store] Butterfly Sapphire 0.02, M9 Sapp 0.02 ST, Bayo Ruby, Flip Sapphire, M4 Howl FN, Ak Serpent FN, AK Wild Lotus MW, Awp Dragon lore MW, Gungnir, Fade, Medusa, Kara/M9 Lore, M4 Howl, Welcome to the Jungle Karambit Fade 100% a lot Gloves/Knives

Prices is negotiable, I also can take items
I can wait if your items with tradelock
Also i have a lot playskins, You can add me for discuss
Trade link
I also can buy your high tier items via BTC/PP
I can sell my items for BTC/PP
Im open to offers
I can take items
Knife Screen B/O in cash BTC
Butterfly Sapphire FN 0.02 13000$
M9 Sapphire FN ST 0.02 9500$
M9 Sapphire FN 8700$
Talon Ruby 0.010 3800$
Karambit Fade FN 100% 90/10 3100$
Bayonet Ruby 0.03 3200$
Flip Ruby FN ST 115 arcana
Flip Sapphire 0.02 130 arcana
Knife Screen B/O Arcanas PA
Talon Marble Fade 0.03 39 arcana
Talon Doppler P3 35 arcana
Karambit Doppler P2 44 arcana
Butterfly Doppler P2 73 arcana
Butterfly Urban Masked FT 0.15 14 arcana
Butterfly Safari WW 13 arcana
Butterfly Safari FN ST 30 arcana
M9 Marble Fade 0.01 46 arcana
M9 Lore FT 0.22 40 arcana
M9 Lore FT ST 30 arcana
M9 Gamma P2 49 arcana
M9 Gamma P3 0.03 35 arcana
M9 Gamma P1 30 arcana
M9 Night MW 0.08 22 arcana
Flip Lore MW 16 arcana
Ursus Night FN 18 arcana
Ursus Slaughter FN 18 arcana
Ursus Crimson Web MW ST 26 arcana
Stileto slaughter MW ST 14 arcana
Bayonet Gamma Doppler phase 3 0.01 ST 35 arcana
Bayonet Tiger Tooth ST 0.008 26 arcana
Bayonet Tiger Tooth 0.01 22 arcana
Bayonet Blue Steel WW 10 arcana
Bayonet Case hardened FT 15 arcana
Bayonet Vanilla 19 arcana
Bayonet Crimson Web FT ST 14 arcana
Huntsman P4 0.01 18 arcana
Flachion P4 13 arcana
Flachion Slaughter FN 10 arcana
Bowie Fade 18 arcana
Bowie Marble Fade 15 arcana
Nomad Fade 26 arcana
Skeleton Night FN 43 arcana
Paracord Fade 95% 0.01 42 arcana
Skin Screen B/O
AWP Dragon Lore MW 0.09 crown on scope, 2 vox holo kato 2015 420 arcana
AWP Gungnir BS 0.52 155 arcana
AWP Fade FN 0.02 95 arcana
AWP Medusa FT 0.26 96 arcana
M4 Howl FN 0.04 310 arcana
M4 Howl MW 0.09 howl sticker 199 arcana
AK Wild Lotus MW 0.10 195 arcana
AK Serpent FN 76 arcana
AK Serpent MW crown on wood 53 arcana
M4 Asiimov FT ST 0.25 Crown Foil on best ps 35 arcana
M4a1 Welcome to jungle MW 125 arcana
M4a1 Welcome to jungle FT 78 arcana
M4 Emperor FN ST 24 arcana
AK Hydroponic WW 14 arcana
AK Redline X2 IBP non holo + gold stickers 33 arcana
Glock Fade 52 arcana
Skin B/O in arcana
Sport Gloves Amphibious MW 75 arcana
Sport Gloves Superconductor FT 0.18 79 arcana
Sport Gloves Omega MW 52 arcana
Sport Gloves Vice FT 75 arcana
Sport Gloves Amphibious BS 23 arcana
Specialist Gloves Fade MW 80 arcana
Specialist Gloves Marble Fade FT 0.18 46 arcana
Specialist Gloves Emerald Web MW 58 arcana
Specialist Gloves Emerald Web FT 24 arcana
Specialist Gloves Emerald Web WW 19 arcana
Specialist Gloves Mogul MW 28 arcana
Specialist Gloves Foundation FT 15 arcana
Moto Gloves Spearmint FT 57 arcana
Moto Gloves Pow FT 0.15 46 arcana
Driver Gloves Rezan the red MW 22 arcana
Driver Gloves Overtake MW 16 arcana
Driver Gloves Overtake FT 8 arcana
Bloodhound Gloves Snakebite FT 0.20 8 arcana
Bloodhound Gloves Charred FT 7 arcana
Hydra Gloves Emerald MW 9 arcana
Hand Wraps Slaughter BS 12 arcana
I can buy your skins for paypal or BTC
I have playskins
I can take BTC/ETH and PP
I can wait if your items has tradelock
Also i have a lot playskins, You can build play inventory, let me know if you interested something. You can add me for discuss
Trade link
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2021.04.14 21:57 CanadianSweater1 Capitalism & Geopolitics, ft. Radhika Desai

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2021.04.14 21:57 Csha1357 What should I dono for defense in the CC of these bases for war? (main is TH9)

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2021.04.14 21:57 Count-De-Ville The winner of the 30 Guns and Bullets 5 is ITKOTTSWF. The number was 219 and he was closest at 220.

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2021.04.14 21:57 TsuNaru I need a reputable EDDM service company

Any experience working with reputable EDDM companies for your mailouts needs?
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