Go! Having breakfast foods for dinner is the ultimate sign of being an adult |

Having breakfast foods for dinner is the ultimate sign of being an adult

2021.01.23 11:22 Sighcandy Having breakfast foods for dinner is the ultimate sign of being an adult

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2021.01.23 11:22 lukewilson_2006 Is there a working achievement mod out not for Life on Mars?

Is there a working achievement mod out not for Life on Mars? I'm trying to complete the 10k rewards punch card.
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2021.01.23 11:22 shoroghyt What was the dumbest joke/meme you’ve heard/seen that still made you laugh?

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2021.01.23 11:22 tourmaline2293 Should I (20F) tell my friend (23M) that I have a crush on him?

We’ve known each other about five months and I’ve had a big crush on him since the beginning. Our friendship is pretty flirty and there’s definitely physical attraction (we make out sometimes) but we’ve never done anything beyond that.
To be honest my crush on this guy has become unhealthy for me - I think about him constantly, and I have big mood swings based on dumb things like whether he responds to my instagram stories or not. I’m aware I’m putting him on a pedestal and developing an obsession. It’s worsened because due to COVID I haven’t met anyone new in a long time, and am quite lonely.
I want closure, but I’m holding back from telling him for a few reasons: I know I’ll likely get rejected, and I’m scared of making things awkward and not seeing him anymore. He also recently ended a long-distance friendship with a girl I suspect he had feelings for and is taking it quite hard, so I don’t know if it’s bad timing to tell him. Should I just bite the bullet and tell him? Wait a little while?
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2021.01.23 11:22 Busy-Jaguar I was thinking about possible mechanics of fez 2

do you think fez 2 would of have a up and down ability.
e.g. instead of rotating 4 sides you can get a bird eye view of the top and bottom.
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2021.01.23 11:22 Mateja1107 What could this be?

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2021.01.23 11:22 KiraGreenHearted Kira + bmb loko los type beat

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2021.01.23 11:22 hwpcspr Free proxies sites that YouTube hasn’t banned?

Does YouTube ban Anonymous Proxy?(if so, the site must have elite proxy)
web scraping
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2021.01.23 11:22 strazien trading NFR farm owl for as many Safari/Diamond Eggs I can get

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2021.01.23 11:22 niuz-bot Coronavirus/GCS: Capitala - a patra zi în scenariul galben, cu o rată de infectare de 2,4 cazuri la mia de locuitori - [Sanatate]

Municipiul Bucureşti rămâne pentru a patra zi în zona galbenă în ceea ce priveşte rata de infectare cu noul coronavirus, cumulată la 14 zile, după ce sâmbătă a înregistrat 2,4 cazuri la mia de locuitori, în scădere faţă de ziua precedentă, când a avut 2,52 cazuri la mia de loc...
Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/sanatate/2021/01/23/coronavirus-gcs-capitala-a-patra-zi-in-scenariul-galben-cu-o-rata-de-infectare-de-2-4-cazuri-la-mia-de-locuitori--648110
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2021.01.23 11:22 Soviet_Plays F for Livid

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2021.01.23 11:22 247_GuyTv Dont miss UFC 257 - Poirier vs McGregor - Excellent service, Join today

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2021.01.23 11:22 NikkiiShiwataki Not Funny I know

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2021.01.23 11:22 reddit_feed_bot Campus Reform: MSU promotes prof's call to 'speak with your legislators' about transgender policies

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2021.01.23 11:22 stationsummary Where to go to request fibre in your area?

Is there any group or organisation I'm supposed to go to, to request fibre be extended to my area
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2021.01.23 11:22 sa1ntsfan9 TRADING FOR TRIPLE SPECIAL OR 85+ SPECIAL PACKS

I have dupes of almost every card and have coins and 100 percent random packs. Dm me what you want
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2021.01.23 11:22 unusual_sunflower best burlington & marshall’s ?

there’s like 7 burlington’s & 8 marshall’s in the area. which one do you think is the best?
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2021.01.23 11:22 exmoor456 EU hit by delay to Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine delivery

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2021.01.23 11:22 Nervous_Pause5577 Tatering at its finest. These people are claiming they’re “in line”

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2021.01.23 11:22 DCYSJ20 Longevity of CBDfx vapes and/or vapes in general?

I started vaping CBD this past summer with a vape kit from CBDfx. Everything was going great until winter hit and I noticed my vape was giving me smaller and smaller hits until it wouldn’t work at all and starting spitting the liquid into my mouth. I chalk it up to never cleaning the cart and leaving it in my car overnight several times in sub zero temperatures. Should I expect these vapes to have a short shelf life anyway or if I take care of it will it last longer than 6 months?
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2021.01.23 11:22 SunnyLondon1 Guys, I think we’re Finnish..

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2021.01.23 11:22 rise-29 THEY DID IT... but nerfed the xp... BUT THEY DID IT

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2021.01.23 11:22 No_Gas_8141 As a skinny guy , wanting a lean muscular physique is being unnatural and women don't like it ?

I am skinny ,I like to workout it feels great , improves physical strength and increases muscle mass which I think will look good on me and I will look more fit than before
So coming to the point I have heard women don't like muscles but I like working out to get some lean muscle (not want to get huge or professional level body builder type ) ,just lean muscular physique
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2021.01.23 11:22 qashyoo deleting a base game hair

last night i accidentally deleted a base game hair(the one with the tiara) because i wanted to delete the default replacement of said hair and now im scared...
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2021.01.23 11:22 XxWolfie_Fox W/F/L? QUICK PLEASE they are WAITING

me: baby doll dress
them: 27k
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