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2021.01.22 23:00 rebalint hemlo

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2021.01.22 23:00 R10E [r/CSSTesting289037418] Autocross Stupid Questions: Week of January 22

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2021.01.22 23:00 Pedro2553 Do not buy RTX 3080 MSi gaming x Trio memory throttling

Do not buy RTX 3080 MSi gaming x Trio memory throttling Im disgusted by the memory dissipation on my rtx 3080 MSI gaming x trio
i was getting thermalthrotling on memmory and i changed the back plate themal pads nothing happened
then i opened up the card and to my surprise there is a very thin aliminum plate and the worst the contact with the actual heat sink is made by a very small amount of thermal paste i put more themal paste and the throttling stoped

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2021.01.22 23:00 ZakuLegion 72 hours and multiple mile + long tracking trips in the dark and I got my diamond red deer !!!

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2021.01.22 23:00 limerencesucks Limerent on someone I haven't seen in 6 years

I recently came across limerence a few months ago. I have OCD, I know there is some correlation between the two. The person I am limerent on I barely know. Partied together a few times and have not seen him in almost 6 years. Continue to stay fixated on social media. He deleted his FB but made an IG and I followed him but he did not follow me back. I am dwelling in the rejection but still cannot seem to let him go. The though of unfollowing him would send me over the edge. Has anyone remained limerent on someone this long? Someone they have not seen in person?
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2021.01.22 23:00 BobbysBlastoise Today I opened a vivid voltage blister and a pack In it had no reverse or rare in it but had 2 code cards? Anyone got info on why?

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2021.01.22 23:00 y_sengaku COVID-19 patients urged to seek help as Tokyo mom kills self in fear of spread to family - The Mainichi, Jan. 22, 2021 (Japanese Original is dated to Jan. 21)

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2021.01.22 23:00 deimosorbits Strike a pose

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2021.01.22 23:00 A_solo_tripper If my video is removed from lbry.tv by the lbry Team, what link do I use to share videos?

As of now, my videos are linked to lbry.tv in the desktop app. But if a video is taken down by the lbry.tv team, how do I share links to my videos? How can my content still be shared outside of lbry.tv?
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2021.01.22 23:00 reddot_comic bi_irl

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2021.01.22 23:00 Wind-upHades [EU] WTT AR 26 Klee/Qiqi

Looking for Klee/Zhongli but would take Zhongli with another 5*
would prefer similar AR
Kaeya/Barbara/Lisa are C1
Sucrose is C2
Chongyun is C3
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2021.01.22 23:00 speederice Groudon and Kyogre (1 of Each) 8753 7575 9375

They are both in range. Can invite 5.
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2021.01.22 23:00 IMABARBIEGIRLhi Dancers up for adoption! Good offers Only!

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2021.01.22 23:00 ChefJBBQ Waiting for Saturday Service @CHEFJBBQ #Berniesanders

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2021.01.22 23:00 BurtTheMonkey For a handsome man, a beard hides his natural beauty. Beards only make ugly men look better

Beards are there to hide double chins and weak jawlines. At this role they are effective as they cover and conceal flaws. However, for a handsome man with a good face they actually make him look worse as they conceal his natural beauty. For handsome men, they should never grow a beard as it obscures their features. The best option is probably stubble, which looks manly but does not hide the face
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2021.01.22 23:00 zwigglezz15 Kyogre on me 9251 1758 3170

Will add 10
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2021.01.22 23:00 UCIHOPE Looking for participants for an online study (For CA residents)

Want to participate in a research study investigating opioid use disorder (OUD)?
The University of California, Irvine Department of Emergency Medicine is seeking participants for the following research study: Harnessing Online Peer Education (HOPE) Opioid Study – Phase II
What is this research study about?
This 12-week study aims to test the effectiveness of an online peer-led intervention (HOPE) to increase requests for resources about medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) among those with OUD.
Who is able to participate?
18+, resident of CA, moderate to severe OUD, not currently prescribed MOUD, uses Facebook and is willing to accept a friend request and group invite from our study page, not part of Phase I, and no unstable medical or psychiatric conditions.
What will I get for my participation?
You can receive up to $205 for your participation in the study.
What is my role?
Participants are asked to accept a Facebook friend request and group invite from the study team, then interact with the Facebook group over the course of the 12-week study, just as they would normally use Facebook. Participants are also asked to complete 4 surveys: before the study begins, after the 12-week study, 6-months after the study ends, and finally 12-months after the study ends.
If you have any questions, or are interested in participating in this study, please email [hopestudy@hs.uci.edu](mailto:hopestudy@hs.uci.edu) or call (760) 232-4026 for more information. I can also answer questions here on Reddit but please do not post identifying information in this thread.
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2021.01.22 23:00 x-oh B/G Brawl deck: need some help to tinker with it.

So, I’ve been playing Arena for a few weeks now. As a big fan of EDH, I decided to kinda throw together a deck for Brawl. So far I’ve been having fun with it, but I know it’s more than a bit janky. Was hoping anyone could give some advice on it. The main theme is ramp/recursion. I’ve got 14 R and 5 MR wildcards that I can spend to get some better pieces.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Deck List
Commander 1 [[Polukranos, Unchained]] (THB) 224
Deck 1 [[Castle Locthwain]] (ELD) 241 1 [[Jungle Hollow]] (M21) 247 1 [[Temple of Malady]] (M21) 253 1 [[Fabled Passage]] (M21) 246 1 [[Evolving Wilds]] (M20) 246 1 [[Moss-Pit Skeleton]] (ZNR) 228 8 [[Swamp]] (KLR) 293 11 [[Forest]] (KLR) 300 1 [[Skull Prophet]] (IKO) 206 1 [[Boneyard Lurker]] (IKO) 178 1 [[Acolyte of Affliction]] (THB) 206 1 [[Twinblade Assassins]] (M21) 226 1 [[Back for More]] (IKO) 177 1 [[Ram Through]] (IKO) 170 1 [[Blood Beckoning]] (ZNR) 92 1 [[Bloodchief's Thirst]] (ZNR) 94 1 [[Feed the Swarm]] (ZNR) 102 1 [[Sanctum of Stone Fangs]] (M21) 120 1 [[Reclaim the Wastes]] (ZNR) 200 1 [[Return to Nature]] (WAR) 175 1 [[Cultivate]] (M21) 177 1 [[Azusa, Lost but Seeking]] (M21) 173 1 [[Kazandu Mammoth]] (ZNR) 189 1 [[Sanctum of Fruitful Harvest]] (M21) 203 1 [[Scute Swarm]] (ZNR) 203 1 [[Demonic Embrace]] (M21) 95 1 [[Dirge Bat]] (IKO) 84 1 [[Track Down]] (M21) 211 1 [[Arasta of the Endless Web]] (THB) 165 1 [[Once and Future]] (ELD) 168 1 [[Elder Gargaroth]] (M21) 179 1 [[Renata, Called to the Hunt]] (THB) 196 1 [[Return of the Wildspeaker]] (ELD) 172 1 [[Iridescent Hornbeetle]] (ZNR) 187 1 [[Garruk, Savage Herald]] (M21) 336 1 [[Kogla, the Titan Ape]] (IKO) 162 1 [[Beanstalk Giant]] (ELD) 149 1 [[Thorn Mammoth]] (ELD) 323 1 [[Treeshaker Chimera]] (THB) 297 1 [[Meteorite]] (M21) 233 1 [[Stonecoil Serpent]] (ELD) 235 1 [[Shadowspear]] (THB) 236
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2021.01.22 23:00 deprimada Does Funimation lie about the content they host?

I wanted to watch As The Gods Will, and when I looked it up, the trailer was on the Funimation Youtube channel, and the Funimation website showed it as available, yet now that I signed up for the service I can’t actually watch it? Wtf!?
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2021.01.22 23:00 yrisg6 Kyogre On me Inviting 10 Add One!!

9274 9864 4512 7306 8699 8980
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2021.01.22 23:00 Constant-gardener89 What is the secret to parsley?

I have had a lot of disappointments trying to grow this. Everything else shoots up and I only get a couple of little sprouts of parsley. Never going to get tabbouleh out of this. Does it ever work?
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2021.01.22 23:00 SgtPeter1 Zero protection mask! A real covidiot!

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2021.01.22 23:00 BrownBoognish e

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2021.01.22 23:00 Advanced-Argument-25 Run bogdon

add me on ps4 my psn is BSBL_LIFE we can run bogdon every now and then
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2021.01.22 23:00 Willing-Ship23 Should I get a new laptop?

I recently started as a computer science major and I’m wondering if I need to get a new laptop very soon. I have a 2 year old HP pavilion. I honestly know nothing about computers yet but I know that I will be programming a bit this semester and a lot more in coming semesters. If you think I need a new laptop, what kind should I get that will be able to perform to the full extent of what a programmecomputer science major would need?
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