Go! Protest today in Yakutsk, Russia. -50 degrees Celsius. |

Protest today in Yakutsk, Russia. -50 degrees Celsius.

2021.01.23 11:22 peewhere Protest today in Yakutsk, Russia. -50 degrees Celsius.

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2021.01.23 11:22 CommK42 I have a question

What's your Neptunia OC character and what dimension do they live in?
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2021.01.23 11:22 Dom-Unit378 Buh Muh MGs

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2021.01.23 11:22 chewy_beard Using the infected as a weapon

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2021.01.23 11:22 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-ugo-foscolo-15

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2021.01.23 11:22 telex_bot Vádat emeltek a helikoptert lámpával zavaró férfi ellen

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2021.01.23 11:22 noobcs50 Am I in Smurf Queue?

I'm a returning player. Last time I played ranked was in Season 6 where I reached platinum. I haven't played ranked since then; when I've hopped on to play, I've only played ARAMs.
I went 1-9 in my placements and placed in Silver 4. I won one game and it skipped my promotions and brought me up to Silver 2. Problem is, I'm getting completely dumpstered in every match and I'm fully dependent on my team to carry me since I'm so out of practice on the rift.
When I look up my opponents and teammates, most of them were platinum/high gold last season. I thought my MMR was supposed to reset/decay after not playing ranked for 5 years? Am I going to have to lose like 50 more games until the system realizes I'm washed up?
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2021.01.23 11:22 dartaryan I don't know, you're my best friend 🤷🏻‍♂️

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2021.01.23 11:22 NaCl_69 A little shy

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2021.01.23 11:22 Ill_One_9690 bi dl today

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2021.01.23 11:22 kekubuk I knew that race smell fishy...

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2021.01.23 11:22 Live_Shub Just thought,. BBS should react to Mr. Beast's YouTube rewind 2020. It's really legit!

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2021.01.23 11:22 nevamind3321 I hope they work

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2021.01.23 11:22 LilBoyPepe WYR have super strength of invisibility?

Here’s the catch: the invisibly only happens when you’re scared, and the superstrength only happens when you’re angry.
View Poll
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2021.01.23 11:22 SHGIVECODWW2INFECTED Does anyone else like doom metal more in summer?

I was wondering if other people also feel this way. The warm weather and sunlight just works well with the fuzzy slow sounds of doom whereas black metal works better with cold weather. Curious what you think
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2021.01.23 11:22 HarryTurney Quest Mode - How are assets picked?

Both Recently and a while ago there was a lot of talk around updating story or new story coming because during one of the data downloads they either made you redownload area 50 or they changed something so small I don't seem to notice (Please if anyone knows what they changed please do tell).
So what I am doing in this thread is showing the processing of how Events work going step by step and showing how we can find what map uses what assets and why these changes don't mean anything for the quest mode
Let's start where all events are held, the Area table. This table has a lot of information but we don't need to worry about those, we only need the IDs.
Area Table:
The Way the area table works is every event has an entry here with an ID and events are orginaized around the same IDs
Starting ID Max ID Info
1 99 Quest Mode
101 199 Daily, Weekly & Limited Events
201 299 Daily, Weekly & Limited Events
301 399 Story Events
401 499 Super Strike Events
501 599 Dokkan Events
601 699 Prime Battle Events
701 799 Challenge evnts like SBR, Punching Bag, EZ Areas, IDBH etc
Do note some of these such as prime battles only go from 601 - 607 because we only have that many prime battle events but id's from 608 - 699 are all free and open to be used and if something like story id starts running too close and past 399 they might move into other spaces.
Now If we want to dig into an area we take the area ID and go to the quest table
Quest Table:
The Quest table has it's own ID and the ID of which area it's from. Let's take Dragon Ball GT: 7 Shadow Dragons Saga which is ID 357
The way the ID for a quest is formatted is Area ID + Quest Number, bit the second part must always be three digits so for this event Quest 1 being Area ID + 001 while quest 10 would be Area ID + 010
ID Area ID Name
357001 357 The Shadow Dragons
357002 357 Electrical Beast: Rage Shenron!
357003 357 Oceanus Shenron of Wind and Air!
357004 357 Naturon Shenron's Trap!
357005 357 Warrior of the Sun: Nuova Shenron!
357006 357 Brothers of Fire and Ice!
357007 357 The Shadow Dragons' Master!
357008 357 Is This the End?! The Biggest Threat Yet!
357009 357 Super Saiyan 4 Fusion
357010 357 Rescue Goku
357011 357 Until We Meet Again...
357012 357 Eternal Story
357013 357 Warriors of Endless Strength
Now what are these Area assets and do they tie to the quest mode? Maybe when they were first being created yes but the way way assets are reused and new areas are made that's a no, the way to find out what map uses what Area is to look in the Sugoroku/TMX/AREA ID/QUEST ID
So in folder \sugoroku\tmx\357 you would find the map for the story event above
Quest ID TMX File Areas Used
357_001.processed.tmx Area 131 & Area 005
357_002.processed.tmx Area 028 & Area 085
357_003.processed.tmx Area 005, Area 132 & Area 034
357_004.processed.tmx Area 028 & Area 085
357_005.processed.tmx Area 028, Area 026 & Area 085
357_006.processed.tmx Area 028 & Area 085
357_007.processed.tmx Area 028 & Area 085
357_008.processed.tmx Area 028, Area 052 & Area 085
357_009.processed.tmx Area 028, Area 052 & Area 085
357_010.processed.tmx Area 028, Area 052 & Area 085
357_011.processed.tmx Area 028, Area 052 & Area 085
357_012.processed.tmx Area 025
357_013.processed.tmx Area 028 & Area 085
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/262408776638791680/802494556343631912/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/262408776638791680/802494847507628052/unknown.png
These are images 357_001.processed.tmx and it 's am example to show how we know what assets are used from what areas
This is an image of both Areas and their assets and these are what assets get used
Area Asset Name
Area 131 area_131_purple_01.png
Area 131 area_131_purple_02.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_01.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_02.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_03.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_04.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_05.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_06.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_07.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_08.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_09.png
Area 131 area_131_rocks_10.png
Area 131 area_131_shore_01.png
Area 131 area_131_shore_02.png
Area 131 area_131_shore_03.png
Area 131 area_131_shore_04.png
Area 131 area_131_trees.png
Area 131 blue_01.png
Area 131 blue_02.png
Area 005 green_01.png
Area 005 brown_01.png
Area 131 area_131_purple_04.png
As we can see in this event it's using different assets from many areas, most of the time they're using a mix of different assets in each area for example 357001 uses Area 005 but the only asset from Area 005 it uses is green_01 and brown_01 which is just grass and dirt. Any area could get updated from 1-27 and it would just be fixing whatever mistake is on thatasset beucase these assets are used all over the game.
Now this part isn't needed to how the game picks the assets but I wanted to add it
Sugoroku_maps Table:
This has two different IDs, it takes in the quest id and then has it's own ID, the way you make the ID for this table is Quest ID + difficulty for example a few quests above would be
ID Quest ID Difficulty
3570110 357011 Until We Meet Again... Normal
3570112 357011 Until We Meet Again... Z-Hard
3570122 357012 Eternal Story Z-Hard
3570132 357013 Warriors of Endless Strength Z-Hard
All The difficulties are
ID Difficulty
0 Normal
1 Hard
2 Z-Hard
3 Super
4 Super 2
5 Super 3
In conclusion the Areas are set maps that are used to based a level around but also can be used as building part of levels so insread of remaking grass over and over they will just reuse areas. Areas 28-53 don't mean anything for the quest mode and unless we get TMX files based around these levels please don't read into it.
I don't know everything when it comes to quests but if you have any questions do ask.
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2021.01.23 11:22 CarlosSmithudemy [100% off] The Beginners Guide to Cyber Security 2021

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2021.01.23 11:22 superjawn_ Am I too late to the GME boat??

Listen up fucktards I’m new here so cut me a break. I’ve seen you all talk about Cohen/Chewy for months and still put my money into PTLR like a sensible adult.
I’m having a change of heart.
Should I cash out and put everything on GME or has the squeeze already happened??
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2021.01.23 11:22 ElkienBennett A very challenging seed for 1.16+ !

A very challenging seed for 1.16+ ! First time ever recording my gameplay, hardcore more, and this is what I got... can be very challenging and interesting because the 3 spawn islands don't have a single tree. Not in the very good seeds category, more of a hard one !
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2021.01.23 11:22 Impressive_Fondant_1 manchester united have a chance to win the english premier league

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2021.01.23 11:22 TrickyFalconori As a MW19 player, I want to understand why the Chinese version gets two of the most beloved maps while we are no where near getting them in the global? What is this favouritism?

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2021.01.23 11:22 bluebetaoddeye 210123 cignature, Bling Bling with Yves - Why Not? (orig. LOONA) @ Fact iN Star

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2021.01.23 11:22 xternal7 You can give people a template to use when reporting bugs, but you can't make them read

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2021.01.23 11:22 samaichi my (18F) boyfriend (18M) keeps talking to his ex although i asked him to stop.

more like a vent post but im really angry at my boyfriend right now. he keeps talking to his ex daily and i really dont see why he'd need to do that. i dont mind if he has female friends but talking to his ex? seriously? they werent even friends before they started dating. even if it angers me he wont do anything to stop this. maybe if i tell him he'll change his behaviour. but it has to be HIM who wants to take that decission. he must realize what he's doing is not normal. we talked about this a couple of months ago, said he'd stop, he didnt.
maybe i have to properly talk to him about this. i trust him but i dont find nice that they keep talking. maybe i lack of experience but whenever my exes talked back to me they were trying to get back with me, although i had a partner at that moment. they even spoke shit about my former partner so i would end the relationship. i know this girl is desperate for a boyfriend so its the exact same. i dont want this to interfere with our relationship.
i find it unrespectful towards me. as i said, i dont mind about his friends but exes is another issue.
the worst part? i had to cut ties with a close friend that was after me because my boyfriend asked me to, but now he wont do this? fuck off. i dont know whether im being immature. i trust him, im not jealous, im just afraid this girl will try to break our relationship because i've been through it. should i talk to my boyfriend again?
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2021.01.23 11:22 BootyPounder502 Katatonia - Inside the Fall (full band cover)

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