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Round II ED for UPenn?

2021.01.22 21:45 t___starks Round II ED for UPenn?

Guess we are on for next week. May the odds be ever be in your favor.
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2021.01.22 21:45 viciousdv [homemade] Gooey Nutmeg-Cinnamon Rolls

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2021.01.22 21:45 MikeyMillionz84 Most popular comrade (since Stalin)

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2021.01.22 21:45 Marcomiko1 I saw A Bug in lost islands map from the naval strike DLC and i really need help fixing it and i have already tried repairing and verifying the game files Thanks.

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2021.01.22 21:45 Phrogger98 Saving boxes worth it? Organizing accessories?

I display my figs out of the box. But I've been retaining the boxes for "just in case" I choose to resell them at some point. At this point the space the boxes take up is more than the figs, and they're just hogging up my basement storage. Is it worth it? Does the open box really add any value over loose?
Second question. What do I do with all the alternate heads/hands/accessories that I'm never going to use? Is there anyone who's got a good system?
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2021.01.22 21:45 Blueberriedawn Scripps Bridge

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2021.01.22 21:45 JamesBest254 Hitman 3 - Grave Mistake Challenge - Dartmoor England

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2021.01.22 21:45 irishjihad [POSITIVE] for /u/jeviares [seller]

Great coins, well shipped.
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2021.01.22 21:45 justicelikeaboss The art of Yoink 😁

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2021.01.22 21:45 Arcterion Uruha Rushia - Accidentally Reveals Pantsu on 3D Birthday Stream with Marine

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2021.01.22 21:45 Taternuts94 Question about the final boss in Dead Space 1

I’m playing on hard mode with only the plasma cutter. It’s been a decade since I beat the game last and I’m worried about getting locked in the boss without enough ammo. Does the final boss drop Ammo/is there ammo to be picked up during the fight? Or should I buy a shit ton before I get there?
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2021.01.22 21:45 xXBall4lifeXx Is it true that if you grind your student years, you will be set for your entire life?

Hey guys! The title is what my parents keep on telling me but to some extent, I don't completely agree with it. I am not sure why, but I just don't! You perspective is deeply appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.01.22 21:45 MAFiA_79 Earn three different cryptocurrencies for blogging or reading, tips are free

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2021.01.22 21:45 Bughg Are these limpets? (I have one freshwater limpet snail)

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2021.01.22 21:45 Ranged_5kill Akali's W

This is a slight rant but this ability needs a re-work, I don't know why they keep messing around with energy value increases and other 'nerfs' to her other abilities. The smoke screen needs better counter play options than it has right now.
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2021.01.22 21:45 hopeless_-throwaway My BF has DID, Is it bad to feel lonely when his alter fronts?

Hey everyone, sorry for bad english as it is my second language. Well it's basically what the title says. Also I'm sorry for the weird formatting. (For context : My bf and I had been together for 6 years. I had known he had DID even before we got together. Back then, no one else knew besides us. During the first few years together it's mostly him fronting while the other alters are are most times conscious but rarely fronts. We had been doing LDR for several years and possibly for a couple more years until we both graduate from university. )
Last year, I found out he and his protector alter had been fronting alternatingly. But the whole time I didnt know so I thought it's always been him. (My fault for never asking) So I have (unknowingly) been chatting and do all the other lovey-dovey stuff couples do with his alter as well. It absolutely crushed me and I feel so horrible bcs his alter is not attracted to me and he has to endure all those sappy stuff I said and made him do. Since I had known he and his alter fronts alternatingly, I have been really careful to not disturb his alter. So that means he needs to text me first and tell me it's him before anything. If he doesnt text me then it mean it's his alter's turn to front. So whenever his alter fronts I get very very lonely. I havent seen him for a year plus at this point due to the pandemic so I miss him dearly. I get sad very very easily and before this I always turn to him for comfort. But since I know it's not always him now I kinda had no one to talk to and had to self soothe. His alter said he doesnt mind me wanting to talk to him since that's what I've been doing for several years but I feel bad bcs he had to deal with my BS when I'm not even his gf (His alter is attracted to another girl and boy that crushed me but I really dont have the right to be sad about that. Took me several months to somewhat accept it).
I cant talk about this to anyone else since besides me and the girl his alter likes, no one else knows he has DID. I have conflicting thoughts on whether my feeling of loneliness is justifiable or not. What do you think?
Ps, Im sorry for rambling, I had no one else to talk to except to strangers while being behind an anonymous reddit acc.
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2021.01.22 21:45 staleydude TRUE PepeLaugh

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2021.01.22 21:45 nofliesonsophie convinced since I was 9 that my Neighbor is a serial killer.

I was convinced since I was like 9 that my neighbor is a serial killer. To start off, he’s approximately in his late 50’s now, he lived next door years before we moved in, the prior owners of our house said he was strange and he’s originally from Alabama. He’s single, has a dog and cat and presumably is interested in men only. He does not own a car, only a rust colored pickup truck that is seen on occasion and only seen at late hours of the night transporting trash bags from his garage to the truck. He rents a new car every Thursday and keeps it until Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday, he is without a car and locks himself in his home. I have seen multiple young men, approximately in their mid 20s visit his home. He brings cases of vodka into his home on a weekly basis. His yard is very manicured and he takes pride in his flowers and trees. He sometimes even mows our lawn for us. I have multiple stories about that guys creepiness starting from the week my family moved in. I never had sufficient evidence to go to the cops but let me tell you, he owns weird things and weird things go on next door at his home. His blinds are always closed but one time at 3 am, I saw a bright light go on outside, I looked and his blinds were open and I kid you not, he had weird tools and spray bottles mounted on the walls and has one of those mortuary trolleys in the same room. My mom went over there one time to return mail or something and she says he has a strange altar like setup in his living room. There are many more stories like the time me and my brother were kids and thought he tried to gift us a belonging of one of his “victims” to hide evidence. It was the week we moved in and he approaches my brother and I and gives us an iPod touch and insists we dropped in his bushes. It was not ours, we told him and he insisted it was and to keep it. I still have this iPod touch. It’s passcode locked and has a skull wallpaper. He used to open his door on Halloween and give household items and granola bars to trick or treaters. A few years ago he stopped answering all together. He’s a talented pianist and can hear him play when our Windows are open but sometimes at early morning hours he just slams on it. He has seashells all around his property and would stare at my brother and I when we would pick them up and observe them. We would also find ph strips around his property on the sidewalk and driveway. When I was in high school, when I was walking to the bus stop, I found a lanyard, access key and ID of a teacher from another county’s school in his trash. I still have that as well and the teacher has never gone missing. Very strange things go on and I kind of want an explanation. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks and today I saw someone I didn’t recognize walking his dog.
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2021.01.22 21:45 PrismCode My friend said i should post these here. Only been collecting for a couple of months

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2021.01.22 21:45 2Verdolaga9 10 commandments (30 days challenge). I want to begin this challenge to see how strongly I am spiritually. Of course, no cheating whatsoever. Anyone interested in joining this journey with me?

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2021.01.22 21:45 Deuce_Jeuce 😳

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2021.01.22 21:45 CarnivorousL What if instead of the Crimson Demons, they were Crimson Crusaders?

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2021.01.22 21:45 PenilePasta It's gonna be a while, going to come back later

Ackman isn't going to announce for another 6 months to a year. He's got so much time to work out a deal, this guy is the most patient investor alive. His play on MBIA in 2003 he waited years before netting a profit, betting against the ratings they were given by credit agencies. This guy is patient and cares about value investing and having proper moats and margins of safety. He's not the lucrative pump guy.
PSTH WILL boom hard, but not now. Not soon. Maybe in 6 months. Maybe in a year. But right now there's no point in just keeping capital here to move sideways. I'm gonna liquidate 90% of my holdings (I've already made 40% profit on my shares anyway) and going to help out our retard brothers in WSB by buying GME shares. After killing the shorts I'll be back in a few months to wait on the SPACman to do his magic.
Don't expect anything soon. Stop refreshing the page every 15 minutes on a project that takes months if not a year.
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2021.01.22 21:45 junkerhead If you take over a fiddlesticks

You take over his wards, which stay and recharge like they would for fiddlesticks even after you’ve left his body.
Not sure if bug or well known yet
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2021.01.22 21:45 serenesam Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl) - Bernie Sanders is all of us... in southern California when it hits 55 degrees.

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