Go! Broken screen or broken motherboard? |

Broken screen or broken motherboard?

2021.01.23 09:50 FatalScript Broken screen or broken motherboard?

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2021.01.23 09:50 Adventurous_Sound_26 69

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2021.01.23 09:50 SadSampleText meirl

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2021.01.23 09:50 Stouterino ik_ihe

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2021.01.23 09:50 thacypha Liquidators request greater powers in probing South Africa’s BTC Club

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2021.01.23 09:50 ProbablyRagiing Processing 1440p to HD taking 24+ hours..

Currently have 3 videos 'processing HD'. 2 of the 3 videos have been like this for 24+ hours. They have processed to 1080p@60 and the option is available on the video, but should be 1440p@60 and this option isn't available.
I uploaded a 45 second test file yesterday to see how long that would take and after ~6 hours I gave up on waiting and went to bed. It was finished by morning.
Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?
I record at 1920x1080@60 25Mb bitrate, upscaled in Premiere to 2560x1440@60 25Mb bitrate.
As a side note, I also have issues with past Live Streams (about 1-3 hours long) taking forever to be published to my channel, sometimes upwards of 12 hours and longer. Where as my buddy can end his stream and the video is published and ready to be watched almost instantly. We both stream with very similar settings, except my bitrate is about 2MB higher.
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2021.01.23 09:50 rwawrira I am having fine green day 💚

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2021.01.23 09:50 maymun_ama_anormal Arkandan ağlar

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2021.01.23 09:50 ToniMVP7 The force is strong in this one

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2021.01.23 09:50 TheDragonOfTheWest_1 RNG question

How do we know RNG is real? I believe, it’s real. I just want to know how people confirm it. I honestly have some Pokémon that are over the offs of 1/20 and some under. So, I know more or less it’s real, I was just wondering if people look at the game’s code or use some other method to verify it.
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2021.01.23 09:50 -KingEclipse- Noob questions but still

I was in a battleground match and the enemy tank killed me without attacking. The recap said thieves something. I am really confused on how i died. Does anyone have an idea?
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2021.01.23 09:50 cktchaotic I stream games that gets viewers to want to come in and join my game. And it works 🥺

I know it’s so weird. People would ask me, “yo Crispy, whats your purpose on streaming?” The most generic answer from other streamers are, “I want to hit partners and be famous” or “I want to make this a full time career”.
And that is great! Who doesn’t want to play games and do something fun for a living. That’s THE DREAM!
But my answer is... I stream to make friends. To find people with common interests with me. Now that we are quarantined and going out is considered a risk. Streaming is literally all I have. And as I sit here with over 800 followers and average of 15 viewers. I absolutely don’t regret streaming.
I got people to come join me on: -Genshin Impact -Phasmophobia -In Silence -Overcooked 2 -League of Legends
What surprise me even more is people sitting down and listen to me read Webtoons to them... like WHAT???
I read it to people on my stream, because I was practicing my English. Because Vietnamese is my native language. And people sat there and listen to me. Make comments about the characters or what just happened.
I’m not a famous streamer. Or make silly clips on youtube. But I am so happy that I am able to stream games that has people want to join me. And enjoy gaming with me. And I want to say thank you. Thank you for noticing me. 💛
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2021.01.23 09:50 Pudenator What is one thing you wish you were naturally good at?

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2021.01.23 09:50 filipaipsilon to remember who tf u are

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2021.01.23 09:50 depression-kid Think I found ur man matt.his name Nick fury

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2021.01.23 09:50 cheesboxofstuff Plush Collection ✨

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2021.01.23 09:50 sbroue John Barry: They Might Be Giants (1971)

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2021.01.23 09:50 Hazadam8 These players are every I swear

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2021.01.23 09:50 RaaVeish99 Confidence going lower and lower

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2021.01.23 09:50 k-e-p-1 Kyogre on me 0603 1077 7732

0603 1077 7732
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2021.01.23 09:50 ProUnicycler Is there a fun way to level strength in vanilla?

I can level almost every skill in a fun way except for strength. For example:

Anyway, you get the point. But it seems like strength training always results in hauling heavy stuff from place to place or mining and hauling. It's incredibly boring. Is there a fun way to level strength in combat maybe? Thanks in advance.
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2021.01.23 09:50 NewsElfForEnterprise The Best New Launches from Adidas, Lord Jones, Buck Mason, and More

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2021.01.23 09:50 FlyingLowSH Neue Nummer eins: Heathrow nicht mehr Europas größter Airport

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2021.01.23 09:50 OneCalledMike Cause what are you gonna do? Not pay us? Hahahaha

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2021.01.23 09:50 AlexiosGreyzul ABOUT NIGHT VISION

I have seen operators using a monocular nvg on the right eye while they shoot with the left arm. Why do they do that? Shouldn't they wear the nvg on the same side they shoot? or is it just a personal preference?
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