Go! Complex snail situation- need advice |

Complex snail situation- need advice

2021.01.22 22:40 snailowner19 Complex snail situation- need advice

I have six large(1 1/2”) Malaysian Trumpet snails whom I adore. I also have a growing number of bladder snails whom I do not adore. I’m currently trying to reduce the bladder snail population by reducing food. If I were to get an assassin snail to deal with the bladder snail situation, would it eat the large MTs? Would I have to move the MTs to a different tank? And what would I do with the assassin snail after it has done its job if the MTs can’t live with it? Need advice...
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2021.01.22 22:40 Eicyer I swear it’s a plant photo. Corgi just wants to be in it.

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2021.01.22 22:40 kobony Original Pop Culture/Celebrity Painting by Karibou Artist | Abstract Expressionism Art on Paper | Impression of Frida Kahlo famous faces portrait pop

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2021.01.22 22:40 blindjezebel My husbando believes women's eyelids naturally get darker when they're aroused. Is it true?

I obviously believe that's a crock of bull. He claims he read it in a textbook decades ago, and it was a well-known fact, but neither of us can find a source online that backs up or refutes his claim. He pointed at pictures of us as a source before, and I pointed out to him, "Both our eyelids are dark in our sober pictures; it's just the lighting!"
So what's the truth here? Is it real or no? Is there written history somewhere about the rise and the disappearance of "darkened eyelids"="woman in heat" knowledge?
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2021.01.22 22:40 Fuckleberry__Finn Only Ideological Change Can Make the World a More Peaceful Place | David Gordon

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2021.01.22 22:40 toastedtofu How would you rank these 3 IM programs in terms of getting the best training?

I am from Bay Area, California but staying close to home is not my main priority.
Good Samaritan Corvallis, OR Midwestern Canyon Vista, AZ Medical City Weatherford, TX
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2021.01.22 22:40 Human1223 Filters are a bitch

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2021.01.22 22:40 LordFlipyap How can the Lone Wanderer swim?

Stupid question but I don't understand it. They should have to learn how to swim first, as far as I know Vault 101 didn't have any pools and the Wanderer lived almost an entirely sheltered life inside of the vault since at least age 1. They didn't leave until 19 years old, so there isn't much of a way for them to be able to swim.
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2021.01.22 22:40 Frankapalooza just picked up Moxley. love him already!

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2021.01.22 22:40 F3ztive Is it Christmas today?

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2021.01.22 22:40 souvlakiguy Blursed view

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2021.01.22 22:40 ThrowRAawaaayy My ex-husband [33M] (and father of my kids) wants me [30F] to be friends with his girlfriend [31F] but I cannot get over my hatred of her

I wish I could be her friend but I can’t, I just have this intense dislike for her. She knew my husband was married but she still continued the affair. It’s maybe slightly irrational because I don’t have as strong feelings towards my ex because obviously he is just as bad as he made the choice to cheat and leave but it’s different because he will always be the father of my children and I guess there are some happy memories with him. But with her, I don’t know. She just makes me so angry. She messages me more than my ex with pictures of them and the kids, which I find hard seeing them all together like a family. She tries to relate with me about the kids and gives me advice, when she only spends 2 days every 2 weeks with them. I have to have a relationship with my ex but we our only communication is to talk about the children. He thinks I should try and be her friend because it will be better for the boys to not have this tension and it probably is affecting them. He is probably right that everything would be easier if we all pretended to be happy but I can’t. I just can’t be nice and friendly with her. I don’t know how to let go of all my feelings for her. Anyone been a similar situation? Any advice? I obviously want what is best for my children but it’s very hard moving past strong feelings people.
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2021.01.22 22:40 AFrenchBanana Me_irl

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2021.01.22 22:40 larsondeservesit Cheesy Lentil Bake!

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2021.01.22 22:40 moneyshouters The Dash For Cash In Times Of Corona

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2021.01.22 22:40 Creepercrush_aww_man ok

Processing img izjymc7ooyc61...
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2021.01.22 22:40 scrabbleddie Venezuelan VP Delcy Rodriguez on battling the US economic blockade | Grayzone w/ Max Blumenthal | 41:26

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2021.01.22 22:40 KingOfGambling Starting A Poker Stream

Hey guys, I just finished setting up my twitch account and i'll be starting off my stream by playing 10NL Zoom doing a $100 to $1k bankroll challenge.
I've played with some of you in the 25Z to 50Z pools for the last 2 months, so I guess quite a few people here are probably familiar with me.
I'd really appreciate it if you could drop by and leave a follow on the stream. Thanks fellow grinders.
PS: The stream quality is gonna be a bit scuffed as i'll be only streaming from a laptop.
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2021.01.22 22:40 PM_ME_CLITS_ASAP [task] need someone whos good at editing videos can pay 15$

i need a video thats in night vision edited to make it less grainy and more viewable idk if thats even possible, also have it converted to mp4 so i can save it to my phone or so that i can upload it to google photos not sure which formats they support. message me for more details i need to know if its something you would be ok with editing. like title said's i can pay 15$ paypal or cashapp which ever is best for you.
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2021.01.22 22:40 _Reva Where to make Minecraft skins?

Been wanting to learn how to make skins for a while and have finally decided to take the time to learn how. Wanted to know what websites/programs others personally use so I can try them all out individually and select my favorite to use.
Unrelated, but if my skin-creation endeavors go well I'll definitely try making resource packs aswell.
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2021.01.22 22:40 dgibbb From Philly, I’ve lived in Hawaii for 10 years now and finally, today I get to fly my mom out to see me! She’s going to have the best week ever thanks to the dying business of GameStop! Today is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Think I made momma proud? 🚀 🚀 🚀

From Philly, I’ve lived in Hawaii for 10 years now and finally, today I get to fly my mom out to see me! She’s going to have the best week ever thanks to the dying business of GameStop! Today is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Think I made momma proud? 🚀 🚀 🚀 submitted by dgibbb to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

2021.01.22 22:40 Sanama489 AMEPAY Product Live Demo

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2021.01.22 22:40 ExploreAstoria FullTimeFunding -- SmartBiz Partner -- We'll let you know when you're PreQualified/PreApproved!!

What's the Difference!!?
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Hello fellow Redditors!
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We are partnered with SmartBiz and if you decide to apply through us, a dedicated rep will be assigned to help track your application from PreQualification, SBA Verification and finally Funding in your account!
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For more information, please visit: https://www.fulltimefunding.com/ppp
or shoot me a DM, to chat.
Apply Directly
Thank You!
-- Andrew
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2021.01.22 22:40 tenkadaiichi Levelling the old fashioned way

I play on HC, and with the 2XP from the P2W vendor, levelling is, obviously, ridiculously easy.
I wanted to run up a character the old-fashioned way, so I swore I wouldn't use the 2XP boost, I wouldn't join any farms, or PI radio teams, only doing content appropriate for my level. (So a PI team would be appropriate once I reached 45, for example) I wouldn't even use the Base TP macro or Ouro portals until I unlocked it naturally by doing a timey-wimey mission.
I spun up a Peacebringer and did the PB-specific story arcs and appropriate TFs as they came up. I reached level 49 on Wednesday doing an Augustine TF, and honestly it wasn't that hard or grindy. Part of it may be that I tended to wait until the next appropriate TF was the WST for the double-XP at the end, but that can't account for all of it.
I remember it taking a LOT longer back on the original servers. Did Homecoming do other things to speed things along, or had the state of the game changed so much before it went offline that things really did just go that quickly and I had forgotten, remembering only the painful grind back around Issue 1 and 2? (I remember being forced to street sweep in Founders Falls to level up to 40, as I had run out of contacts to give me any missions)
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2021.01.22 22:40 TecnaZ Didnt know Gura knew Swedish...

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