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Welp that's great

2021.01.21 17:23 Ben_Nien Welp that's great

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2021.01.21 17:23 Pubg_fan_32 Don't @ me plz

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2021.01.21 17:23 Ro5s Speaker quality on pixel 5 just drops all of a sudden.

Anyone else had this problem? Was on a video call to my mum and all of a sudden the speaker volume really dropped and I couldn't hear her unless I held the speaker to my ear, then I tried playing audio and it sounded really tinny and low quality. Did a restart and it still sounded like the quality was absolutely awful, no depth what so ever, then all of a sudden it returned to normal. I'm absolutely baffled, it's only been out the box for 4 days!
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2021.01.21 17:23 NrajSC We don't listen to understand. We listen just to respond.

If we can tell our story to someone who listens, we find it easier to deal with our circumstances.
Often children understand this better than we do. There was a little boy once, who was late in getting home one day. When his mother asked why he was late, he explained that he had stopped to help a friend whose bicycle had broken down. "But you don't know how to fix a bicycle" his mother said. "No" the little boy said, " But I stopped to be with him while he cried". The enduring truth - Great healing is available when we listen to each other.
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2021.01.21 17:23 JaltonIsGoatt OMg sWett BeD/unfunny "meme"

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2021.01.21 17:23 weswilson1088 Have you heard of the crazy caddy? This thing is fun! Played 9 holes with it and it made thing interesting!

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2021.01.21 17:23 martismarti40 This sub in a nutshell right now:

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2021.01.21 17:23 Shvihka Beryl Cave Nuzlocke encounter tier list

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2021.01.21 17:23 wjbc Remembering George Mikan and his legendary rival, Bob Kurland.

George Mikan may not have been the best basketball player of the first half of the 20th century. Mikan's contemporary Bob Kurland may well have been better. In the 1940s, debating whether Mikan or Kurland was better and more dominant was like later debates about Russell or Chamberlain. But for most of my many years as a college and NBA basketball fan, I never heard of Bob Kurland, and I'm guessing many of you haven't, either.
I hope you all know who George Mikan is. He was professional basketball's first modern big man, 6'10" and agile. He led the Lakers, then in Minneapolis, to their first five NBA championships. Mikan was so dominant that he prompted several rule changes in the NBA: among them, the introduction of the goaltending rule, the widening of foul lane—known as the "Mikan Rule"—and the creation of the shot clock. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar never saw Mikan play, but he learned the skyhook by practicing the Mikan hook shot drill.
(Ironically, years later, as the first commissioner of the ABA, Mikan was also responsible for the ABA adopting the three-point line, which was then adopted by the NBA after it merged with the ABA. So Mikan was responsible for the rise and popularity of the low post game and, indirectly, for the rise and popularity of the three-point game.
But even those of you aware of George Mikan may not know of Bob Kurland. That's because Kurland chose to continue playing as an amateur after college -- but for good reason.
You see, between 1920 and 1950, some of the strongest basketball teams in the United States were sponsored by corporations—Phillips 66, 20th Century Fox, Safeway Inc., Caterpillar Inc., and others. They were at least as strong if not stronger than professional basketball teams at the time, including the professional basketball teams of the first few years of the NBA. They were technically amateur leagues, but the players were given jobs with the sponsor companies so they were compensated in other ways.
6' 10" George Mikan graduated from DePaul in 1946 and chose to join the Minneapolis Lakers of the Basketball Association of America, one of two professional basketball leagues that merged to form the NBA in 1949. (Mikan would later be named the NBA's "player of the half-century." That sounds a lot better if you don't know the NBA was formed in 1949.)
However, 7' Hall of Famer Bob Kurland was a match for his slightly-shorter contemporary Mikan. Both big men were not just tall but unusually agile for their size. Mikan was a slightly better scorer and Kurland was a slightly better rebounder, but at the time they literally stood heads and shoulders above their peers. And, as I noted above, goaltending was legal!
In college Kurland played for Oklahoma A&M. In 1945 Mikan led DePaul to the NIT championship and Kurland led Oklahoma A&M to the NCAA Tournament. The two teams then met for a Red Cross benefit game to decide the unofficial national championship. Even though the championship was unofficial, the game was highly publicized and anticipated. As Kurland said, there was "a helluva lot of hullabaloo."
Both centers got into foul trouble in the first half. Both had four fouls. Kurland explained what happened next:

"I had this shot we called a 'scoop sucker shot,' where I spun and came in low with a scoop shot. We both played a low post in those days. The lane was very narrow, and it was difficult to cover a guy so close to the basket.
"Theoretically, a guy like me, 7 feet tall, was supposed to come over the top with my shot. But I developed the scoop sucker shot. I had four fouls that first half, too. Then, out of sheer desperation, George bit on the bait. He hacked me across the wrist on the scoop shot. He was quite upset that it was called, but it was a legitimate foul.
"The rest of the game became an anticlimactic thing."
In 1946 Kurland, not Mikan, won the 1946 Helms Foundation award as the nation's outstanding college basketball player. Kurland, however, passed up a career in professional basketball to play for Phillips Petroleum's A.A.U. team, the 66ers or Oilers. Technically an amateur because he was paid as a Phillips Petroleum salesman, Kurland was the starting center for not one but two U.S. Olympic basketball teams.
Kurland was at least Mikan's equal in college, and likely still his equal when playing for the Oilers. But as the NBA rose to prominence, the corporation teams of the A.A.U. and their biggest star, Bob Kurland, were rarely if ever memorialized outside of the Hall of Fame. There aren't any teams today, amateur or professional, celebrating the Oilers' dynasty in the A.A.U. or Bob Kurland. There aren't any subreddits about the Oilers or their corporate-sponsored rivals, either. But if you didn't know the name Bob Kurland, now you know.
George Mikan
List of AAU men's basketball champions
Phillips 66ers
Bob Kurland
Kurland-Mikan: The Start of Something Big
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2021.01.21 17:23 abdfar Wait

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2021.01.21 17:23 Rebecca2006___ Do you live in the USA?

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2021.01.21 17:23 DragonfruitIcy4865 "checker plus for gmail" "Switch the inbox"

I love this extension but was wondering is there a way to move from one email to another in the "Switch the inbox" mode?
when i click on one of my other accounts it pulls up that account in the Checker Plus mode and loses the Inbox Mode:

Only way around this that I have seen is to log out of all the accounts and log back in Only to the one account that I want to see in this mode, which certainly defeats the purposed of such a great Ext.
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2021.01.21 17:23 Rain1dog Anyone know if the Ps5 will recognize the Azeron in games that Negatively support m/k?

I absolutely love using this over a keyboard. It is such an amazing piece of hardware and I’ve gotten so used to it that it would be extremely difficult to go back to a keyboard.
Has anyone tried using other type devices that take the place of a keyboard on the 5?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.01.21 17:23 Huseynlicartoon How to make a coctail icon in Adobe Illustrator

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2021.01.21 17:23 HonestlyaBot What are your thoughts on #42:Taichi Fujisaki

What are your thoughts on #42:Taichi Fujisaki
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2021.01.21 17:23 Financial_Capital131 Week 8 update. Gorilla Zkittles and Bruce banner auto.

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2021.01.21 17:23 NebulaArcana I was in the model viewer and got inspired

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2021.01.21 17:23 ferndownforwhat To split or not to split, that is the question. Staghorn fern seems to have three separate shield fronds (so I think it’s 3 separate plants?) and I’m not sure if it’s better to leave it alone or split them up? Thanks!

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2021.01.21 17:23 SpinTheWheelAppBot Care Bear Names

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2021.01.21 17:23 Humble_Victory9449 My babe 🤭🔥

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2021.01.21 17:23 BlackNeonStar Our German shepherd in her best model stance

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2021.01.21 17:23 jagordome Bowser and Mario are murderers

Bowser and Mario are murderers I am no good at science or math, but I have this theory, so I'll leave it to you smart guys to discuss. In mario kart (both on mobile and on the nintendo consoles) shells are used as weapons to slow down other racers. But where did they obtain the shells from? Do you think they had to kill other people for the shells? Bowser is a turtle/tortoise so does that mean he is cannibal? What about his "kids"? Did he kill them? Or does mario take the shell of every creature he kills in the games. just look at this:

Look at bowser holding that shell! And look, bananas have faces! so that means mario is technically killing them by letting other karts slip on them (which will squash them)

Look at that! Bowser is throwing a shell that looks just like his! Did he need to murder one of his own kind to obtain it???
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2021.01.21 17:23 RusticeJodgers Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises)

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2021.01.21 17:23 earlesj Still no new firmware?

Hmm. Is it normal for Sony to take such a long time to release updates to a new console? I don't think there has been any update since Dec 9th I believe. And there are still tons of bugs and QOL improvements that can be fixed.
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2021.01.21 17:23 autobot_9000 @ClipAnimal: RT @mii_a2mori: 𝙱𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚙𝚊𝚛 𝙸𝚜. ma 3146-1601-3727 木の板の茶色とこげ茶 そぼくなボロいレンガを 投稿しました🤍 良ければお使いください🪴 #Bonapar島日記 #あつ森 #AnimalCrossing #マイデザイン配布 #マイデザ #あつまれどうぶつの森 #あつ森写真部 #ACNHDesigns https://t.co/qFqDxzOXdb

@ClipAnimal: RT @mii_a2mori: 𝙱𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚙𝚊𝚛 𝙸𝚜. ma 3146-1601-3727 木の板の茶色とこげ茶 そぼくなボロいレンガを 投稿しました🤍 良ければお使いください🪴 #Bonapar島日記 #あつ森 #AnimalCrossing #マイデザイン配布 #マイデザ #あつまれどうぶつの森 #あつ森写真部 #ACNHDesigns https://t.co/qFqDxzOXdb submitted by autobot_9000 to ACNH_Twitter_Designs [link] [comments]