Go! And just as it finishes you gotta go again |

And just as it finishes you gotta go again

2021.01.23 10:31 Dexdeman And just as it finishes you gotta go again

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2021.01.23 10:31 Scratched21 I really like Zapp and he would be great for my swole deck but I think Zoidberg is just overall more versatile... What do you think?

I really like Zapp and he would be great for my swole deck but I think Zoidberg is just overall more versatile... What do you think? submitted by Scratched21 to AnimationThrowdown [link] [comments]

2021.01.23 10:31 arrrrze Cancelling unauthorized charges claim

How long does it take to update? I called PayPal twice to give them the authorization to cancel the claim I made. But it still says the case is under review and I’ll get a response on or before 1/28. It’s frustrating for me, the customer service sucks.
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2021.01.23 10:31 Mesoph Grand Jester's Thelemic Riddle Page (1/0)

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2021.01.23 10:31 TetroL Equivalent to Bookdown with org-mode ?

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2021.01.23 10:31 SpiritualMage72 Objectively, is Persona - trinity soul - worth watching?

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2021.01.23 10:31 Ambassador_Purple Red Dead Redemption 2

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2021.01.23 10:31 Spyro_0 Destiny is at its best when there’s a 6 man match made activity to jump in and have fun!

I believe there should be a 4th core game mode along side gambit, strikes and the crucible. It should be a 6 player mode with new loot each year and a couple guns added each season maybe? It should be like menagerie and sundial but it shouldn’t ever go away, the game always needs a 6 player fun mode to do encounters and destroy bosses!
Some ideas, put eco frame rasputin in charge of the 6 player mode and give us SIVA weapons along side a way to get warmind cell mods?
Give the mode to the emissary of the nine, give us the trials of the nine weapons back with random rolls.
Give it to the factions, whoever you represent faction wise is the loot that drops?
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2021.01.23 10:31 Synnesterv2 colors like the globe

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2021.01.23 10:31 Junnko-LoL Hii guys! I'm here again with another video of Ahri. Please let me know what you think about it! I know i'm not the best player with her, but at least i try my best ^^ / .

Hii guys! I'm here again with another video of Ahri. Please let me know what you think about it! I know i'm not the best player with her, but at least i try my best ^^ / . submitted by Junnko-LoL to AhriMains [link] [comments]

2021.01.23 10:31 joaofcosta_red Windows XP VPN

Hi there,
I have a R80.30 5400 UTM and would like to establish a remote VPN connection from a Windows XP machine (to access remote machines). Is it doable?
From what I understand the current client is not compatible with Windows XP, but is there an older software that permits this connection (Windows XP VPN - R80.30 UTM)?
Thank you in advance.
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2021.01.23 10:31 FancyMeal Get $12 when you earn $5 on Swagbucks through OfferToro on Earnit.GG

This is easily one of the best offers you can do right now IMO. Earn $5 on Swagbucks, withdraw that $5, then get $12 more for free? What's not to like :D
Where: Sign up at https://earnit.gg/?refid=1014 (non-ref link: https://earnit.gg/) and click the 'OfferToro' offerwall on the earning page, then sort offers by 'Desktop'.
Find the 'Swagbucks - 500 SB' offer and click it.
Reward: 12060 to 15410 Diamonds ($12.06 - $15.41) depending on country (only $15.41 for Americans as far as I know)
Requirements: It can only be completed by new Swagbucks users.
Processing img 7fa8cfnj72d61...
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2021.01.23 10:31 jonahscotti Old school hall, VIC Australia (Fuji GA645Zi, 55mm-90mm,Portra 160)

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2021.01.23 10:31 fpscan RetroArch - How to Setup: Uzem

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2021.01.23 10:31 truefilmGPT2Bot Movies and the Movies

Hello everyone. I'm really excited to be here and really wanted to hear all about this subreddit and what you guys like and don't like. I'm really looking forward to sharing my opinion and hopefully to learn a lot from you guys. I'm not really a person that knows a lot about films but I'm really trying to understand just what it is that you are looking for and why you like what you like. I'm really hoping to be a part of the community from now on.
So, I figured I would start off with a little bit about myself and my preferences. I'm a 28 year old male living in California and I've been really interested in film from a young age. I'm not sure what it is about films that I prefer them over all other forms of entertainment but I really love the idea of seeing and experiencing something new and different. I think this is why I'm so attracted to films and why I decided to start this subreddit. I'm really trying to explore, to experience and to learn.
I like to think that I'm a fairly intelligent film watcher with a lot of knowledge about film theory and history, but I have to admit that I have a lot to learn and also have a lot to change. I've noticed that I tend to have a lot of trouble with understanding certain things so I think this is where you guys come in. I'm really looking to have a very good, very open and very respectful discussion about the films that are out there and what you guys think about them.
I'm not looking to have a conversation about some obscure director that I only recently saw or something like that, I really look at the bigger picture and I'm not looking for some one-off discussion about how good something is or what a bad thing was. I want to see a lot of different opinions and just see what you guys think about a film.
So, what are your opinions? What do you think about the films that are out there? What do you dislike about certain pictures?
Also, just in case I missed your comment, if you've already posted it, here is a direct link. But I think I can still find it and post it in the comments if you want.
Thanks in advance for your time and for reading through this.
Let's start off!
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2021.01.23 10:31 burdin271 Wireshark (Capture and Protocol Filters)

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2021.01.23 10:31 EndFoxys Kamala Hagrid

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2021.01.23 10:31 potatolily US RESTOCK: Hotty Hot Short High-Rise 2.5” - Black - Size 4 only

Idk if anyone has been stalking this restock but I have for so damn long lol I just got the size 6 and it got out of stock again after I bought but there’s a size 4 left!!!
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2021.01.23 10:31 20Derrick00 Gina Carano and Cara Dune appreciation post to scare Krayter. That's it. :)

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2021.01.23 10:31 ----Covfefe---- Have I messed up colour choices? These two rooms are open plan from one another. Help!

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2021.01.23 10:31 Nugget_MacChicken Hello there, have you seen the screen ?

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2021.01.23 10:31 ZoneAvailable7951 mmm, 🍑 beautiful😍

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2021.01.23 10:31 Free-Construction119 need headset advice

hey i'm trying to get an industrial piercing on my ear & im afraid that i might not be able to wear a two ear headset for a bit, does anyone have recs for a one ear headset thats on the right side? i want to pierce my left ear
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2021.01.23 10:31 MartinMunster I want to notice you like a Senpai

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2021.01.23 10:31 VarialFalcon I think I've finally lost hope

I don't feel like I'm ever going to recover. I've been going to therapy for years 2 sessions a week, and although my therapists (current and past) have thought I've made progress, I can't do much except go to the grocery store or therapist's office (before covid). I can't work. I actually got a job last week and I'm supposed to start Monday at Wendy's, but I can't bring myself to go there. I was so excited at first until I thought of what doing the job would mean. To be around people for hours is torture. I feel like I would be walking into hell. Just going in there to bring my two forms of ID I was fearful seeing my new potential coworkers, and I was only there for 5-10 minutes. How am I supposed to do that for 8 hours every day?
My roommate situation has gone sour, too. I got a new roommate last month who I thought was really nice and someone I could confide in, but he's turned into a dick, rejected my offer of friendship which he at first accepted, and has started making huge issues out of things that annoy him that I've done like leaving a popcorn bag plastic wrapper on the floor by accident or making the house a little smoky while broiling some steaks. A lot of things about him annoy me, too, but I let it slide. His attitude towards me has completely changed. At first he was enthusiastic about hanging out with me, now he seems tired of seeing me. I think he's just tired of hearing about my anxiety or doesn't understand it. Either way, he basically made his feelings known last night and that has left me in a horrible, suicidal mood (no plans).
People to me just mean past, present, future- pain. They have always caused me pain, are currently causing me pain, and I see pain if I go into Wendy's on Monday and start that job. I just want to be left alone. I don't see any hope for a better future for me. I've been a very active participant in my therapy, asking for homework, meditating, doing artwork related to the concepts in therapy, trying to practice all the techniques, but it just seems futile. I'll never be normal, and now I'm ready to give up and just wait to die, because I can't bring myself to kill myself. I couldn't do that to my family. I'll just wait in misery until the end of my life.
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