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Every question answered. MEGA Theory

2021.01.23 10:35 ImmaIvanoM Every question answered. MEGA Theory

This is just a theory but I’m gonna go ahead and give a spoiler warning for the whole series (New Rockstars style) that this might be too correct.
What’s happening?
Wanda is in a pocket reality that’s feeding off her powers to maintain itself by convincing her to keep it going. She’s being convinced by being put into sitcom realities where none of the bad things that happened to her exist or matter. The reality is also being broadcasted out into the world as an actual TV show.
Why is this happening?
Someone wants to obtain Wanda’s powers but they also want to do it in this roundabout Sitcom show way and even broadcast it too.
Who’s the Villain?
Master Pandemonium played by Evan Peters. In the comics he’s a Hollywood producer who becomes a henchman of the devil, Mephisto and has to obtain fragments of the Devil’s soul that Wanda conjures through childbirth. In WandaVision Master Pandemonium requires just Wanda’s powers instead in order to summon the devil and the only way he can obtain that power is making Wanda pour a hefty amount of this power into something separate from her. He picks Children. If Wanda can conjure entire living beings and make them grow up, most of her power will be drained into just that and the children can be used as batteries essentially to summon the devil. Also Master Pandemonium is a Tv producer so he used TV realities to strip away Wanda’s traumas and brainwash her to do this but since he’s really arrogant he is broadcasting this to everyone outside the illusion as a way to have his TV show reality be an actual TV show that people can watch (Maybe he can even get good ratings). Hence why Sword is able to discover what’s going on and watch the show.
What’s with Vision?
Master Pandemonium of course needed a “father” if the illusion of the TV sitcom family to work on Wanda so he hired an actor willing to go all the way to hurting people just for a career, Simon Williams, (a.k.a Wonderman in the comics). Simon and his brother were hired as actors for a Truman show type situation but then when Simon was told he was essentially supposed to be turned into Vision via the Illusion and no one would know who he was, him and his brother objected and Master Pandemonium killed the brother and mind wiped Simon only leaving his Vision mannerisms he nailed as an actor and put him in the illusion where he was turned into Vision physically by Wanda’s powers and the rest of the show is how it is.
What’s with Agnes?
Well since Simon’s brother was supposed to be a spy in the illusion to help keep everything working smoothly, another person was needed to replace him. This time the devil sent a direct emissary, Agnes, instead of letting Master Pandemonium hire random people. Agnes made her own separate deal with the devil to have him bring her son back to life once he was summoned using Wanda’s children by Master Pandemonium. (In the Comics, Agnes would be Agatha Harkness, a witch whose son is called Nicholas Scratch. In WandaVision Agnes has a rabbit called “Scratchy” that she says played Baby Jesus once, which is a role typically reserved for real babies)
How does it end?
Once the children have grown up through the tv show decades, enough power will have been drained from Wanda to make them grow that she will no longer have enough power to maintain the illusion so Master Pandemonium can stroll in once it’s weakened to take the children. Also Sword will now be able to enter and Wanda and Vision won’t be able to tell at first whose side Sword is on. Everything comes to ahead when Wanda realizes keeping her children alive will surely guarantee that the devil will be summoned since she won’t even have enough power to fight off Master Pandemonium. Vision will remember he is Simon and will have to choose whether to help Wanda and take revenge against Master Pandemonium for killing his brother or just join Master Pandemonium to guarantee his own life after this. Agnes will also get redeemed to an extent and will have to choose whether to give up on helping bring the devil for the slight chance of getting her son back or help Wanda who she’s come to empathize with. The failing of the illusion and the presence of Sword due to Master Pandemonium broadcasting the illusion on tv instead of keeping it hidden will cause the devil to get pissed at him and he will be so scared that he instead decides to take the power of Wanda’s children for himself because he’s too afraid of getting punished if the devil actually returns. Of course Agnes will not like Master Pandemonium betraying their master like this and this will factor into her decision whether to just summon the devil herself or help Wanda.
What’s the actual end?
I have no idea. Normally I’d say everything works out for the good people buuut, this has the making of being really tragic yet it’s also still Disney so who knows. Also Mephisto, the devil could go out like Dormammu and get slightly teased but never really do anything or he could get summoned and be the next Thanos. Yeah this is where the theory ends, unfortunately I do not have anything as concrete for the actual end as I had for everything else above.
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2021.01.23 10:35 superspedinky [Ds] [1990s-2000s] dungeon type game with battles kind of like pokémon

platform: old ds genre: not sure but dungeon exploring i think estimated year of release: i played it in like 2013 but it’s probably way older shown by my estimation of release in the title graphics: not sure about over world but in fights 2d with black bars on top and bottom my creature that i remember was a bird humanoid like ra that was blue might be wrong about color it wasn’t really cartoonish notable characters: the previously mentioned bird man fighter creature gameplay mechanics: it had fights kind of like pokémon and a battle start like tall grass everywhere
not sure about much else it’s pretty vague but just wanted to put it out there
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2021.01.23 10:35 lolman555PL Just got my own Chromebook, HP 11A G6, serving me well both portable and desktop. Any cool things I can do with it? (Backing up my Crostini in this shot)

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2021.01.23 10:35 NakedWanderings Naturist Resort Sessions: Grottamiranda in Italy

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2021.01.23 10:35 ramatyossi How hot was that house?

Hi, how would you figure out the indoor temperature of a home? Here's the situation:
A few years back we visited elderly relatives in the autumn and expected cool weather (a high in the low 60°s). Instead it shot up to 72°F. My relatives mistakenly turned on the heat to 74° (they thought they turned on the automatic AC). The screen door was open but otherwise no other ventilation. 7 of us (6 adults and 1 child) sat in a normal-sized living room for about 2 hours until we realized what happened.
Towards the end of the visit our child actually developed a low-grade fever, which almost immediately went away once we left.
So how hot was it actually in the house (or how hot did it feel)?
Thanks for your help!
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2021.01.23 10:35 SemihAydemir Sen de premium olmak istemez misin?

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2021.01.23 10:35 FyeRoom Why this happens? (Read Desc)

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2021.01.23 10:35 FridoDasBrot Kennt jemand eine einigermaßen gute Fertig Sauce für Schnitzel?

Ich weiß, Fertigsaucen sind nie super, aber wir möchten nachher Cordon Bleu machen und mögen gern ein bisschen braune Sauce dazu. Kennt jemand eine fertig Sauce die gut schmeckt und man bei Rewe etc. bekommt?
Besten Dank!
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2021.01.23 10:35 GeneArts [For Hire] Commission Open! i do OC, fanart, caharcter commission! (Starting at $15)

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2021.01.23 10:35 SesshamoNekodearuzo Donald Trump: The 100 Most Humiliating Moments of His Presidency

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2021.01.23 10:35 DifferenceFickle97 Question about Homosexuality

Hello! I know that the bible condemns homosexuality in the book leviticus, but I'm quite confused about why homosexuality is considered a sin. The laws in leviticus (such as no mixed fabrics, tattoos or eating shrimp and crab) all need to be looked at contextually. The Jews were told not to get tattoos because tattoos were often associated with paganism, and after some research I've learned that homosexuality was used in the same manner. During that time period, pagans would practice homosexuality and then sacrifice them to their "gods". It was also a common practice in Greece for a grown man to sleep with a young boy. And modern day Jews that can read the OT in Hebrew confirm that the verse in Leviticus that condemns homosexuality (sorry I forgot which one it is specifically) means something along the lines of "a man shall not sleep with a young boy or child" rather than "man shall not sleep with man" and claim it was a translation error. I just don't understand it. And when Jesus came he fulfilled Judaism (the Leviticus laws don't apply to Christians) so why does homosexuality still apply as a sin? I'm confused. I'm not trying to oppose Catholicism in any way, I just genuinely don't understand. Can someone please explain why homosexuality is a sin? And did Jesus say anything about homosexuality? Thanks so much
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2021.01.23 10:35 sc-throw-a-way What is it like to be happy and in a relationship 😔?

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2021.01.23 10:34 MF_Dwighty Secret word of the day is Bernie!

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2021.01.23 10:34 GrantExploit Random Thought: With the new findings on Dire Wolves in real life, it would be cool for the devs to add a new cosmetic variant in-game.

Link to those who are unfamiliar.
Of course, I’m not saying that they have to do it or that it should be a priority, but I think it would be a nice thing to see.
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2021.01.23 10:34 Sidjoneya Ministers criticised for plans to create 500 new UK prison places for women

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2021.01.23 10:34 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Endo] [Interstellar] [Pink Wildcat Ears] [Titanium White Neo-Thermal] [Titanium White Blade Wave]

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2021.01.23 10:34 kdifromdauk When u realise wilburs second name isn't soot

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2021.01.23 10:34 rollingcrown Searching for the song from this video, please help

I love this song, but this video is the only way I can listen to it. Does anyone know the name, or have a link to a video with clear audio of this song? I've tried to detect it with apps, but get no results.
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2021.01.23 10:34 Im_Fd_Bulgarian Cubes look like they are 3 in the first pic

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2021.01.23 10:34 fluffykintail Edinburgh Colonial August Festivals - Deluded & arrogant festival organisers insist in pushing ahead with events in spite of global COVID risks & zero consultation with locals.

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2021.01.23 10:34 SuspiciousIndigo A fine thing indeed

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2021.01.23 10:34 ThickDragonfruit5640 i need info

i need info for virus
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2021.01.23 10:34 Molly_dog88888888 Word didn’t save a lesson’s worth of notes- and there was a lot of them.

So my stupid self didn’t save things on a consistent basis. Most of my things were fine, but the one day where I decide to actually take damn good notes on the Korean War, my computer decided to restart that night and update. I almost has a heart attack when I noticed that, but calmed down when I saw that all my tabs on google were still open. The problem came from when I went to past something into word and I noticed that there weren’t anything opened. I almost shit my pants when there was no option to auto recover anything. Now I’ve accepted my fate of having to re-do a bunch of notes and possibly a day’s worth of notes and an entire short story BECAUSE OF MY COMPUTER DECIDING THAT LAST NIGHT WHEN I HAD A TON OF UNSAVED STUFF WAS THE BEST NIGHT TO INSTALL A STUPID UPDATE!
Oh well. It’s my fault, I’ll have to accept the consequences.
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