Go! i waited 7 years for this shit |

i waited 7 years for this shit

2021.01.22 21:30 blitz_na i waited 7 years for this shit

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2021.01.22 21:30 Individual_Error_428 Five reasons why GME could become the next TSLA

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2021.01.22 21:30 spunkyfuzzguts So happy!

I have officially cracked under 80 kilos!
This really, really works. I even had 3 beers last night, and woke up with a loss today.
And in a NSV, I’ve definitely noticed my fitness levels improving rapidly.
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2021.01.22 21:30 Sooner-Fan Any idea what business will be at N. Western and Memorial? NW corner.

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2021.01.22 21:30 DaybreakNightfall Internships for SCAP?

I'm currently a SCAPer, going for Information Technology. Does anyone know if there are any internships available through starbucks for Information Technology and how they would work? Would I continue to work at the cafe? If not would I still get paid/be eligible for SCAP benefits? I'm goin to reach out to my success coach as well, but I figured I'd shoot a message over here if anyone else had a smilar experience.
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2021.01.22 21:30 Immortal-Tardigrade Story Question

For a hypothetical group of fairly unconnected/adversarial agrarian villages, what is the minimum population you would need to have in any village before a member of another village could enter and move around without being detected?
I have been been working with 697 because that happened to be the number of people who graduated in my small college class. I feel like after four years there, I recognized just about every face, but I wouldn't have paid too much attention if I saw a stranger. I would prefer the village to be smaller, and I'm hoping someone has some thoughts. Thanks!
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2021.01.22 21:30 praha_the_botv ぱりすのこ @parisnoko 水着ゆうぽむ

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2021.01.22 21:30 SeveralBathroom Analyst Predicts Which Console Will Sell The Best In 2021

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2021.01.22 21:30 denab0bena Today I took back my desk space. It had become stuffed with random things and the kid's art supplies, but now it's filled only with my things that I want to be able to access. The kid's supplies have a new home!

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2021.01.22 21:30 FatherAnolev Sibiu, Romania

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2021.01.22 21:30 NeverRisen God

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2021.01.22 21:30 FWA_Evolution_SW [Recruiting] Spartan Warrior | TH9+ | Clan Level: 20 | Farming/Push/FWA | FWA / FWA Evolution Clan Family

💎 FWA Evolution 💎
🛡️ About FWA: http://www.farmwaralliance.org/fwa-rules
We are 6 clans teaming up to work together and share our resources.
🔰 We are accepting TH10 and above 🔰
✔️ Several alliances with war families and league play teams ✔️
🛡️ Social aspect outside of the game 🛡️
🌎 We operate on discord 🌎
🔥 Invidia Bandit | Level 24 | #9VG8P90Q
🔥 #The Shield# | Level 17 | #PGPPQRLY
🔥 Rob-Seb | Level 23 | #8Q0L9CRY
🔥 Vi11ageWarriors | Level 23 | #LL2C8L8V
🔥 Spartan Warrior | Level 20 | #20LGGU0R
🔥 Petiks lang | Level 15 | #9UVC0RV0
SCCWL options available for members!
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2021.01.22 21:30 Ill-Shopping-9221 Yurkies

Gente que sabes de Yurkies como esta ella con su contenidoo ? Alguien sabe de ella
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2021.01.22 21:30 Showercarpet Raids

I am relatively new to the game. I have Thrawn, Palpatine, Yoda, and R2 at seven stars, and I feel ready for raids. What are some general teams I should work towards?
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2021.01.22 21:30 PeachFM TIFU by asking Tim Schafer for his job

Shameful memory resurfaced by this post on the front page: https://www.reddit.com/todayilearned/comments/l2pf98/til_when_game_designer_tim_schafer_was/
I was at Day of the Devs a few years ago with my boyfriend, who is a huge nerd. I really like video games, but my boyfriend is basically a video game historian. He knows release dates and backstories and random trivia about every gaming console and what seems like most major video games. He also knows about all notable video game creators, musicians, voice actors, podcasts, etc. It's kind of incredible.
Anyway, we were tipsy after demoing tons of games at this event. Then Tim Schafer appears on the floor, and my boyfriend got super excited. I, being much more extroverted than my boyfriend, convinced him that he'd regret not saying hi, so I pulled him over and quickly thought of some reason to talk to Mr. Schafer.
The first thing that popped up in my mind was to talk about my career. I am a professional writer, so I told Tim that I'm a huge fan, how fascinating I found narrative design in games, and that I'd love to do that one day. Then I asked him how I might get a job writing games at his company.
I didn't know that Tim Schafer writes all the games, okay? So I was very confused when Tim's expression changed and my boyfriend cringed so hard I thought he'd never recover. My boyfriend reminds me to this day how I basically asked Tim Schafer how I could replace Tim Schafer. Ugh.
I don't even remember what was said after that, but I do know that my boyfriend got a hug and a photo with Tim Schafer so mission accomplished.
TLDR; Got drunk, asked Tim Schafer if I could write his games instead.
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2021.01.22 21:30 chiknuggers Me (14m) just found out that my crush (14f) is a lesbian

Today I just found out that my crush is a lesbian let’s just call her Leia, I don’t know how to feel, I feel sad but not that sad. She was the first crush I’ve ever had were I legitimately liked them as a person, I just took a shower and almost cried. But one problem I do have is my friend (15m) let’s just call him Luke,my other friend (14m) let’s just call Anakin told me that Leia was lesbian after I told him how I feel about her, then when Anakin went to talk to Luke, Luke said that Anakin shouldn’t have told me because it would have been funny, Luke has done other things that tick me off but this has been the worse so far. What do I do?
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2021.01.22 21:30 illumilitias .

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2021.01.22 21:30 xPray4Deathx Dorm room 206 static water spawn.

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2021.01.22 21:30 kimi0803 We all need someone in our life to listen to you..

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2021.01.22 21:30 MyTopPost 4 Free Stocks Worth At Least $21, Up To A Max Of $2100 From WeBull When You Deposit $100!

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2021.01.22 21:30 Cropitekus Germany: AfD party challenges potential spy agency monitoring in court

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2021.01.22 21:30 Not_Cerberus No saving some folk....[strong language]

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2021.01.22 21:30 ILoveThisMadWorld I love doing bosses and I'm sad that there's no boss I can get something from without resin.

Like why does everything in this game need resin?? I just want to play more than like an hour daily please
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2021.01.22 21:30 throwaway642246 Overheating question!

So I am in a rare opportunity to get a steal of a deal on a 2013 MB GLK 350 4Matic.
I know the car has been overheated at least once or twice before, and I know the water pump/thermostat housing is bad because the top hose is boiling hot and the bottom hose is luke warm.
My question is, would I be able to tell if the coolant had contaminated the oil by doing that repair? IE tell if it had a bad head gasket or a cracked head? Or would I need a more in depth diagnosis?
I don’t own the car so I don’t wanna put too much money into it before buying it.
And I was sent here from justrolledintotheshop so this is my first post here, thanks so much!
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2021.01.22 21:30 BackupThunder Mafia 3 won't launch?

I have downloaded the Mafia 3 Crash Fix from the Nexus and it still just goes to a black screen and crashes once I try to launch it. Can anyone help?
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