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Hairstar, as promised

2021.01.22 22:16 FedoWorm Hairstar, as promised

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2021.01.22 22:16 Prash-Bit What line(s) do I add to my config.rasi file to make it so that Rofi automatically opens terminal apps in the terminal and launches gui apps normally?

I have installed rofi on awesome, but I noticed that the only way to open terminal apps properly is by pressing shift + enter rather then just enter, I would prefer if it was possible to launch them by just pressing enter, just like the gui apps. Any suggestions? Rn my config file looks pretty bland, but it does the job because theres so much that can be done I don't really know what I want yet.

configuration { theme:"~/.config/rofi/themes/cronchy-theme.rasi"; terminal: "termite"; } 
Any help would be much appreciated!
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2021.01.22 22:16 Topriste Cable usb-c to usb c power delivery?

Hello, i am quite novice to usb c since i am rather Apple user
I have a fast charge brick charger ( dont laugh lol, its rated at 18w) and i need usb-c to usb-c (magsafe pad that allows me to 15w)
I am really lost when it comes to search for a usb-c to usb-c cable,
Any good recommendation for usb-c to usb-c cable?
Preferably in white because of Apple ecosystem, braided why not, i dont know if braided cables would be better
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2021.01.22 22:16 redditor938273838 Tommy and the Egg?

Tommy keeps repeatedly asking "what is that" while staring at the blood vines and he hasn't got an answer until today when Sam told him that it was the egg.

Tommy in the egg plot????
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2021.01.22 22:16 valkyrvengeance this gem came in the mail today

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2021.01.22 22:16 itzz_sebii Turrets

At what Level can i get turrets?
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2021.01.22 22:16 KingBesh When Walmart would close at 8:30

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2021.01.22 22:16 impregnatedsloth Kyogre Raid ASAP!!! Can invite the first 10!!! 9964 1251 9763

9964 1251 9763
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2021.01.22 22:16 Fagonetta Bayonetta when she awakens after 500 years of wearing the outcast glasses:

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2021.01.22 22:16 Holiday_Masterpiece8 Message me for Dropbox

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2021.01.22 22:16 AmbitiousAnnual9486 Interesting.

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2021.01.22 22:16 gwrthryn Why does the onion post so much fake news?!

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2021.01.22 22:16 AndaleTheGreat So is the SevTech SkyBlock *just* the same thing but on a sky island? I played it for about 30 mins and I think it just seemed like the exact same thing.

Side note: not the best single player SB I think.
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2021.01.22 22:16 MildlyHumanWasTaken Medic guns?

I’m a new medic, and I was wondering what gun I should use.
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2021.01.22 22:16 -Toadstar0- Youtube bitrate tanks during fast motion gameplay

Im a content creator about 40k subs, mainly uploading minecraft and geometry dash, both games with fast paced things, and high motion footage. Ive spent days messing with settings in obs, and adobe premiere, and for some reason no matter how perfect the footage is after editing, once its uploaded the quality is terrible, BUT ONLY when im moving fast. If i move my character slowly, the video looks phenomenal, but during fast movement it looks like the bitrate dropped severely. Is there anything in OBS i can to to prevent this, or does anyone know at all? Ill leave a link to an unlisted video of mine that shows exactly what I mean.
Video Example
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2021.01.22 22:16 adoomnica Well not that funny afterall

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2021.01.22 22:16 blazinex Gneisenau full secondary build worth it?

With the buff in range do you think it would be a good build? or how would you build it?
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2021.01.22 22:16 heykody Screaming cat man performs in Melbourne

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2021.01.22 22:16 Dead_tissue4 Lockdown Boredom

Being stuck inside all day everyday funnily enough makes one really bored So does anyone want to talk about anything I’m interested in a lot of things and I’m open to talking about anything really
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2021.01.22 22:16 alemonbehindarock Like flaming globes, Sigmund! Like flaming globes!

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2021.01.22 22:16 babypatrick1703 Blood money suit

I for some reason don’t have blood money suit in my inventory in hitman 3 but I got the dlc ages ago in hitman 2016
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2021.01.22 22:16 PrinceOfElsewhere How viable is a DoT claws build?

Alright, so something occurred to me, there are a number of claw related feats that have a prerequisite of a claw unarmed attack but do not stipulate where those claws come from.
If one were to pick Catfolk Changeling as their ancestry they could have access to both Aggravating Scratch and Accursed Claws. Changeling rules out the cat claws but still allows for 1d4 agile, finesse Hag Claws or 1d6 grapple, cold iron Slag May claws.
Since the DoTs only occur on a crit I was thinking Flurry Ranger who archetypes into Monk for class.
Ranger can pick up Animal Feature to get limited access to a 1d6 agile, finesse claw attack so maybe pick that up an go for Slag May claws.
Monk would be good both for Ki Strikes and Flurry of Blows.

I don't have much experience playing Pathfinder so I don't know how good persistent damage is or how much of a drawback not taking weapon related feats and centering a build around two level 9 feats is. What are your thoughts?
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2021.01.22 22:16 LightningYT_lol meme

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2021.01.22 22:16 francofire Among Us - Episodio 25 - GRACIAS A NOVIA GANAN LOS TRIPULANTES

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2021.01.22 22:16 iamthedoctorv1 Just another day

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