Go! Good morning! My soles are particularly pink and wrinkly today! |

Good morning! My soles are particularly pink and wrinkly today!

2021.01.23 10:48 Chrissys_Feet Good morning! My soles are particularly pink and wrinkly today!

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2021.01.23 10:48 JamesArth791 Do Bad electrolytic Capacitors have a higher uf than rated?

Hello everyone, I’m currently checking the capacitors in 35 year old Amplifier. I noticed that some electrolytic capacitors uf is way higher than what’s on the service manual. Is this a sign of bad capacitors. I am anyways going to replace them but I’m just curious to know
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2021.01.23 10:48 FriesNShine I would rock the Homer Simpson skin every day of my life. Take my money!

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2021.01.23 10:48 Raven094 [Article] Commander Exercise 25 – Glissa, the Traitor

Welcome back to Commander Exercise, the series where I build EDH decks for fun and to improve my deck building skills.
This time I got asked to build a deck with Glissa, the Traitor as Commander. Glissa transforms one of the things that black can do best, i.e. killing creatures, in a way to get back artifacts from the graveyard. I think this is awesome to create a combo-control deck that has combos based on artifacts; they try to remove the pieces? We can get them back!
Come and see how I decided to build the deck: https://ravennonest.wordpress.com/2021/01/23/commander-exercise-25-glissa-the-traito
I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know how you would have built it differently, what you will have added and what not… Also don’t forget to tell me what I should try to build next.
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2021.01.23 10:48 _Drexel_ A quick meme I whipped up

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2021.01.23 10:48 SuckmyCruxifix Someone is calling Allyson out for animal abuse because they postef pictures of the very sad rat cage setup.

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2021.01.23 10:48 paterwautie Dont question me

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2021.01.23 10:48 av_geek72 Snow on the ladder

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2021.01.23 10:48 Moolishes Car registration after death?

Hi everyone
I was hoping, maybe someone here knows the procedure for licensing a car who’s owner has passed?
My mother passed recently from covid. She had registered her car in her name but had not licensed it due to an unfair accumulation of penalties that she was sorting out with the department.
Now that she has passed, what do I do? I’m assuming I need to bring a copy of her death certificate. But does the penalties she had fall away? Can I do this all at the licensing department or do I need to go somewhere else.
I’m assuming I will need to register it first I’m my name and then license it accordingly but what all do I need to bring?
Thanks in advance for any advice
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2021.01.23 10:48 funnyboy36 An unappreciated Mrs. Weasley moment

When it comes to moments where Mrs. Weasley is being the sweetest and most caring person on the planet, I often hear people talk about when she and Bill visit Harry before the third task, or when she calls Harry as good as her own son in book 5–and with good reason. The former is one of my favorite moments in the series.
But something that I often forget about that I just got to during a reread is how delighted and proud she is when Ron is made prefect.
“Mrs. Weasley let out a shriek just like Hermione’s.
‘I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! Oh, Ron, how wonderful! A prefect! That’s everyone in the family!’
‘What are Fred and I, next-door neighbors?’ said George indignantly, as his mother pushed him aside and flung her arms around her youngest son.
‘Wait until your father hears! Ron, I’m so proud of you, what wonderful news, you could end up Head Boy just like Bill and Percy, it’s the first step! Oh, what a thing to happen in the middle of all this worry, I’m just thrilled, oh Ronnie —‘
Fred and George were both making loud retching noises behind her back but Mrs. Weasley did not notice; arms tight around Ron’s neck, she was kissing him all over his face, which had turned a brighter scarlet than his badge.”
Fred and George kinda cut the sweetness of the moment, but I’m just so happy that there was a Mrs. Weasley-Ron moment at some point in the series. It’s hard to stand out when you’ve got 6 siblings, all of whom have some sort of gimmick going for them (dragon tamer, obsessive rule follower, trouble makers, etc.), and your actions are constantly overshadowed by those of your best friend who had to do just a bit more than you. Harry’s as good as Molly’s son, but since he’s technically not her son he seems to get all of the benefits with none of the consequences, which in turn get dumped on Ron. Molly also always seems to give Ron the short end of the stick when it comes to his possessions and preferences (i.e. corned beef sandwiches, maroon clothes, ugly dress robes, and hand-me-down everything from his brothers, etc.), and in turn he seems to kinda just get clumped in as “one of the boys” in Molly’s eyes, rather than his own person.
So having Molly take a second to just dump all of this love and affection onto Ron (and Ron alone) felt both overdue and extremely wholesome. She really does love Ron as and individual and not just part of a whole. I also can’t remember her calling him “Ronnie” anytime before this, which just makes it all feel so much more sweet.
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2021.01.23 10:48 top_boss01 If any female or male to host and suck my co m. Or I hope they fix it In poconos area then near Reston drive

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2021.01.23 10:48 captianrex72 For those who like mocs

This is for those who are interested in mocs on my youtube channal I post videos of my Mocs and other lego star wars related content any here's the link https://youtube.com/channel/UCuzQsulXkTCbgJsaQ-TcTcg If the link dosnt work the channal is called captian rex productions 72 if this is not allowed I'll take the post down no problem there I'm happy to do so any way thanks for reading
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2021.01.23 10:48 iLuvMm2 This is a tier list of my favourite guns/"stuff" in arsenal. Hopefully you guys find it accurate and not biased! But if you think that its not very accurate, tell me why in the comments down below! I'll be replying to every single comment :D

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2021.01.23 10:48 LWslipmat2020 Cute little Dog discusses her plans for the year!?!

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2021.01.23 10:48 LordSuz Any award below the cost of 200 coins for wearing is caring award

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2021.01.23 10:48 FiveFingerDisco Questions about insuring nuclear power

Nuclear Power Generation seems to exists a place between low risk of incidents and potetial massive catastrophic damages.
How is this ensured and what is the current trend in this field?
What are the differences between different states (France vs. Japan vs. USA vs. PRC)?
I'd love to hear your facts and opinions on that, because this keeps me currently up at night.
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2021.01.23 10:48 littleghost0 just started learning bangla

so as the title says, ive just started to learn bangla. Im nowhere near the stage of writing, but ive noticed that sometimes the vowels are just... voided? why is that
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2021.01.23 10:48 sweatpeaboy Overlook/Cool Spots

Heyo! Do any of y’all know any cool places to go that have a nice view?
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2021.01.23 10:48 goaoka Replacement bass head

Hi, I'm looking into getting my first e-drumkit, and am on a rather low budget. My main problem is that I'm a metal musician, and want to use the kit in that way too, so I need a kit that I can use a double-bass pedal with. The kit I founs could work nicely is the Millenium MSP 150, and then replacing the bass head with the one on the MSP 850 (thomann sells that separately too), so my question is:. Are these two even compatible? I mean, can I just get a separate head from a higher end model of the same series to use in a cheaper kit?
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2021.01.23 10:48 mihawklen Finally finished Hierophant Confidant in p5r

So after missing out the first time in the OG game i finally finished the confidant with Sojibro in Royal after grinding the necessary things.
And, ho boy (pun intended). I didnt know what i missed. Perhaps im easy to get emotional but i teared up a bit when futaba finally called him papa and they got together as a family to visit Wakabas grave. I was like, you got it bro! You gonna be a good pops to her and sure also to Ren.
How was your experience with it?
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2021.01.23 10:48 AnderTheCreator Character illustration

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2021.01.23 10:48 lucascrafter Financial Stock analysis - Risk Analysis(Amazon, Tesla and Apple)

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2021.01.23 10:48 Kubrick_Fan The Chosen One!

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2021.01.23 10:48 Path_Broad B skins

How to equip b skin on ps vita?
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2021.01.23 10:48 srvb45 How much snus u dip in a day?

Mine 6
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