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2021.01.23 11:48 Unfair_Ad8439 really weird dream

So me and a group of other girls were at a store, and below the store was a secret facility where nobody was allowed down there. During the day time, we went down into the facility by taking an elevator. The facility looked plain with white walls and a beige carpetted floor. The hallway went in a circle and in the center was a giant pit. It was dark and had doors on each side with a ladder leading down below each door. To get into that room, you needed a long number code. There were huge metal doors on each side where you had to enter the code. Apparently, the numbers of each code were hidden around the store upstairs. So we spent all day looking for the code. Once we finally figured it out, the store was about to close down. So we hid behind a shelf. Suddenly, it was really dark and red lights started flashing. We ran down to the elevator that lead to the facility and once we got down, we had no time to waste. We ran to the first door we saw and entered the big code. We heard footsteps coming after us but it was too late, we jumped into the large pit in the center of the facility. Next, I ended up at my old middleschool out of nowhere. I was walking through the halls when I suddenly forgot where all my classes and my locker was. I went to the office and the office lady was sitting at a round table with a group of young girls about my age. The girls stared at me in a judgy way. The office lady invited me to sit down by her. Then, across from where I was seated, I saw my old childhood friend. She smiled at me. Then, the lady pulled out a book with face paint designs. Then she began painting my face out of nowhere. When she was done, I strutted throughout the halls with confidence. Then I heard a girl mutter "That's a bit too much makeup isn't it?" I ignored her and went to lunch. I remember my mom gave me a bunch of money for lunch because I didn't have a card. I went up to the lunch guy and ordered a plate of spaghetti and a chicken wing. Then some random kid came up next to me in line and knocked the plate out of my hand all because I used actual money instead of a lunch card. I remember being really sad after that. Suddenly, I woke up in the next dream. I was in the car with my dad driving and my mom seated next to me. We were heading to Florida, and it started storming. We had to cross one of those bridges that both sides lift up after a certain amount of time. All of us had to get out of our car, and there were tons of people walking bath and fourth across the bridge. Once we got halfway through, both sides of the bridge lifted up. A bunch of small children fell into the water below. I was scared. But my mom went up very close to where the bridge was lifted up. The bridge was about to go back down, then it malfunctioned. Instead, one side of the bridge went down the opposite way, crushing my mom. It was not an accident, my mom had intented to kill herself that way. Then, out of nowhere, my mom appeared beside me again. Like the person that got crushed wasn't my mom, but a clone. I woke up in cold sweats because I was scared and confused.
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2021.01.23 11:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - PDP senator defends Akeredolu on quit notice to herdsmen | Vanguard

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2021.01.23 11:48 HairyInsaneSamurai Road to champion...

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2021.01.23 11:48 Crispy_Magic So you have chosen. Death

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2021.01.23 11:48 Hasso21 Help PPSSPP Texture not working?

So I want to play Vice city Stories and downloaded the texture files from the ppsspp forum. But even though I extracted all the files to the texture folder nothing changes. What should I do?
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2021.01.23 11:48 recovery_bot Online oktatással kezdik meg az új félévet is az egyetemek

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2021.01.23 11:48 ShiningCorvus Kyogre 2284 4261 6057 and 6007 0924 2750. Sending Invites @ XX.55

My brother and I are going to host a kyogre. First 10 no gifts pls.

Invites @ XX.55
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2021.01.23 11:48 jodlad04 Which is your favourite soundtrack?(Upvote for Halo 4)

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2021.01.23 11:48 Demon-Swords Teemo support and contest submission (Week 34: Nexus Barrage)

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2021.01.23 11:48 AAAAA28384 Takemura Call Broken on “Down On The Street”?

I don’t know why, but for some reason when Takemura calls me during this mission, he doesn’t say anything. His icon is just sitting there. Pretty much soft-locking the game since I can’t make progress
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2021.01.23 11:48 lazarlzar- I don’t know if it was done by anyone else.

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2021.01.23 11:48 CAELUM_GG Get back ADD MENU in BLENDER.

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2021.01.23 11:48 LittleTrickyBoy Laptop GPU hits 100% usage and then FPS tanks

So this started yesterday, playing FIFA and frames started dropping straight in the first game, FPS fell to around 40-50 like half the time and went as low as 20 occasionally. The game ran fine around playable 90-100fps the day before yesterday and as I hadn't changed any setting or updated anything it is quite perplexing. Now it isn't only a particular game's problem, here are heaven benchmarks from before (from a few months ago but should be close to what I had before yesterday), and now. Also, this drop is usually accompanied by GPU usage spiking to 100% or whereabouts.
As this can be caused by many factors, I decided to make a checklist -

  1. Drivers/Windows - Didn't touch them for a while so shouldn't be the cause
  2. MSI Afterburner - Uninstalling didn't make a difference
  3. Performance presets - The inbuilt presets didn't help much either
  4. CPU Undervolting - For some reason, the undervolting was turned off in the BIOS after me turning it on before. Turning it back on increased the performance slightly but nowhere enough to be blamed for.
  5. Couldn't find anything GPU consuming in the task manager either
  6. Heat shouldn't be a problem either, I mean the temps are flaring but nothing really changed climate or hardware-wise.
  7. All the power options in windows are set for maximized performance
I did notice one thing, however, the fans aren't ramping up nearly enough, at their loudest they go up to 9000rpm but then in a minute or so settle down to 6000rpm even when temps are reaching 90+c for CPU and 85+c for GPU. Also, continuing in heating, the idle temps at the weakest preset are slightly over 70c for both CPU and GPU which is probably too much. I also have a laptop cooler, though I am not sure how much it contributes.
The GPU is RTX 2060 btw, as specified in the benchmarks.
Any suggestions that I can add to this checklist will be appreciated.
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2021.01.23 11:48 bbmbabyy one of my faves:

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2021.01.23 11:48 Kotskat Steel Convoy much

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2021.01.23 11:48 KopfloserKobold Lucky drop while trying out a bowazon

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2021.01.23 11:48 Bananafilms_offical I’m once again asking you if the cake is real

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2021.01.23 11:48 Ardyemzxvi Look mom. I'm a rapper

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2021.01.23 11:48 ThoughtWorking the BEST throwback songs old mood playlist

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2021.01.23 11:48 velkavonzarovich Reactivating Windows 10 digital license linked to MS account

Hey people,
I'm hoping someone can help me out as I can't contact the MS customer service as they are closed for the weekend and I'm stuck setting up a new computer. I find it very difficult to find the correct information through google and I'm losing oversight. My brain is turning to mush.
On the old computer I ran the Windows 10 pro edition, the free upgrade from an eligble Windows 8 at the time. The activation information on the old pc states that the edition is Windows 10 pro and at activation it says that Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your MS account.
Before buying the new system I checked if I needed to buy a new license but since it was a digital license linked to the MS account the internet assured me that was not the case and I could reactivate using the trouble shooter and choose the change hardware option. I've upgraded the old computer several times: changed the motherboard and a new SSD and had no problems then, so figured it would be the same now.
I created a Windows 10 boot usb and installed Windows 10 pro on the new system. I then logged into my MS account and both the old and new system are visible under devices. I ran the activation troubleshooter and when it asks me to select the device to activate Windows on, it only shows the old system and I can't get the new one to show up.
I contacted MS support yesterday, received a case number and was put through to tech support but I then heard a message stating that they were closed and I had to call back during business hours pacific time (which is kinda odd, I'm located in the Netherlands). I've dialed back today and told I couldn't speak to someone at all.
The only thing I can think of is that I can't reactivate Windows 10 on the new system because it's still active on the old system. I've read that is linked to the ID of the bios/mobo and to remove the activation I'd need to reinstall another bios version or format the old system to be able to get the new device to show up as eligible. The old system however is the only 'proof' I have that it is a digital license linked to my MS account.
Some more details although I'm not sure if that helps: the old system is shown under devices with version 2004, and the new system is shown under devices as version 2009 in my MS account. Both the systems are updated to version 20H2 but in my MS account it keeps saying that the old system still requires updates and it doesn't - double checked.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to proceed with this? I used to work at computer repair and most blue screens and hardware issues were fun to fix but I can't for the live of me figure out the bloody Windows activation.
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2021.01.23 11:48 GameSnake Guangzhou, China

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2021.01.23 11:48 KathleenMalone22 Car Sunset Drive Graphic Typography

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2021.01.23 11:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Nominal rolls to be prepared for board exams in TN this year, SoP issued | The Hindu

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2021.01.23 11:48 megabanette When I discovered the Brimming Heart

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2021.01.23 11:48 JubzAlmighty Kedgeree this morning.

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