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Simple Flawer background

2021.01.23 09:59 Blylzz Simple Flawer background

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2021.01.23 09:59 RonnieMo23 He got game WIP

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2021.01.23 09:59 MisterDYT Houses in an abandoned fishing village in China reclaimed by nature

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2021.01.23 09:59 Accomplished_Gas1397 Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center FAC's Bemis School of Art

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2021.01.23 09:59 SugarBearDemon Lmaoooo Itadori's so self aware...

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2021.01.23 09:59 thenone666 Zero or ace

idk which one should i get.I’m not a good player i’m avarage or maybe little bit better than avarage.I’m not good at recoil control.Which one should i get?
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2021.01.23 09:59 PleasantStretch5632 Well?

Am I here?
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2021.01.23 09:59 FBRHEIEFISOSKB Do you believe that approval ratings are accurate?

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2021.01.23 09:59 TNihil Vehicle sheet draft

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2021.01.23 09:59 Shoboo666 WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ANNIE IN SEASON 3!!!!!!

ANNIE IS SO SLEPT ON!!! Especially in season 3!!! We got to see her develop sooooo much and see her finally go to therapy!! Obviously we all know how that turned out but honestly she has to be my favorite out off the girls!! She’s funny, smart, strategic and all in all a really good friend AND MOM!! She accepted Sadie/Ben from day one and continued to stand beside him through alll his choices and defended him when his dad didn’t understand!!! I personally didn’t like Annie’s ex muvh but the therapist was by far thee worst love interest she had!!! He had to get off his moral high horse and realize that Annie is one off a kind!!! Honestly I can relate to her so much and I see that she is clearly misunderstood 99% off the time!!!!
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2021.01.23 09:59 rskylinegaming [PS4] H:Credits/other items W: Pink Sakura

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2021.01.23 09:59 OK_Entendu2095 Surprise Tackle

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2021.01.23 09:59 ortonveera About gift coins or task coins..

Are the task coin rewards based on the current league? I am in gold league and I am getting 50, 30 and 20 for completing the task is this same for all? or the master and champions league palyer's getting higher rewards? what about silver league players? lower rewards?
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2021.01.23 09:59 warmowed Is there a way to filter to find SPICE models on digikey?

The title says it all. I'm sick of flipping around on every manufacturers shitty website to try and find a SPICE model for parts. I'm willing to use something generic model but there isn't exactly a way to easily search the stuff I have in ltSPICE or in the new groups.io which the old yahoo group moved to. If I don't already know a part number I can't use this method and if I knew the part number I wouldn't be in this situation. I don't want to write my own SPICE model every time I want to try out a part.
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2021.01.23 09:59 giorgiocoraggio È un meme più vecchio, signore, ma va bene

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2021.01.23 09:59 Jwangler The hammer never down :/

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2021.01.23 09:59 miyagikai91 Which kid image will be revealed first?

Season 1 gave us a lot of these. Luz, Willow, and Eda to name a few. But we haven’t seen these three as little kids yet. And IMO, 12 doesn’t count as this.
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2021.01.23 09:59 honeyfantaesy made an oc using every item in the game. her name is elkie!

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2021.01.23 09:59 Puzzleheaded-Pop460 WTT EU CHILDE+JEAN+LOST PRAYERS AR41

Looking for offers, you will go first unless you have pictures of proof about your trades being legitimate, DM me on discord : Sophie Twilight#1270
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2021.01.23 09:59 Head_Conversation495 Season 5 Grady Memorial stuff makes no sense??

I’m bingeing the show for the first time, just finished the ep where Beth dies, and I’m still SO confused about what the whole deal was with Grady Memorial hospital. Like, WHY were people being brought and forced to stay there? Why did the cops feel they couldn’t just leave?? Did Dawn have some weird power of mind-control over them or something? I kept thinking it was gonna turn out to be some religious cult or mind control thing, because everyone acted so oddly, like that doctor who initially seemed to befriend Beth but then secretly tricked her into killing a guy, or the cop who so chillingly tricked Sasha and ran off; and clearly the way they Beth there in the first place was essentially by kidnapping her when she was with Daryl, right? So like, these people are all freaky lying kidnappers with clandestine motives who spirit people away to their cop hospital and force them to stay there against their will. But...to what end? It seemed like it was building up to some giant conspiracy that just ended with nothing. With Dawn dead, can they all just go home now? What am I missing here???
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2021.01.23 09:59 bizzys92 The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 409

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2021.01.23 09:59 Error_418x me_irl

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2021.01.23 09:59 frumundacheeze amazing update CDPR you guys sure fixed stuff

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2021.01.23 09:59 Ciphertext008 Character Personality Generator [xpost]

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2021.01.23 09:59 Good-Curve2477 Jellyfin server better than Plex?

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