Go! Thanks to this community for helping get this guy healthy again! |

Thanks to this community for helping get this guy healthy again!

2021.05.07 05:54 binamonster Thanks to this community for helping get this guy healthy again!

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2021.05.07 05:54 wrenchandnumbers I think he has iron fortress equipped

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2021.05.07 05:54 Merryrai 🔥😂

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2021.05.07 05:54 Maleficent_Feed_9109 Astral Projection On Xanax

I'm curious to it , i usually try to leave my body and get anxious with the vibrations and fear i'll see some scary entities but if i'm on xanax i really wouldn't give a fuck bout nun of that , nothing would scare me id be fearless should i try it?
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2021.05.07 05:54 Jusable Need karma

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2021.05.07 05:54 Andrakisjl What team do you want to put together, but cannot at all justify spending resources on at the moment?

For me, it’s the final pieces of the dark side bounty Hunter team. I’d love to relic Embo and Dengar
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2021.05.07 05:54 Material-Barber4724 ELON MUSK - DOGE IS THE KING OF CRYPTO

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2021.05.07 05:54 VAYU3594 Shraddha Kapoor

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2021.05.07 05:54 madeleinemua Add for daily gift exchange :) 3752 2465 8484

& you can invite me to raids! I join when I’m free.
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2021.05.07 05:54 G1Spectrum [Oram] Anthony Davis said his ankle is fine but his "back locked up pretty bad." He thinks he will be good to go tomorrow in Portland but will see how he feels tomorrow.

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2021.05.07 05:54 cornelius6352 Bună dimineața

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2021.05.07 05:54 Aspavlenko Calming Waterfall and Rocks. (10 hours). White Noise for sleeping.

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2021.05.07 05:54 Saintbirdy98 It’s my brothers bunnies birthday! Happy birthday ghostie!!!!

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2021.05.07 05:54 Embarrassed-Tea-1378 Homesick

im sorry if this doesn’t belong here.
long story short my best friend F/19 and I F/18 have traveled 6 hrs from home, we’re gonna be away from home for about a week. instead of getting an airbnb to stay at we are staying at my friends cousins house. Since the day we got here ive felt super homesick and uncomfortable. I dont wanna ruin the trip but I talked to my boyfriend and he didnt have a problem with coming to get me. I guess I just want to know if i would be a dickhead for leaving..
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2021.05.07 05:54 nickkkk777 Developing attraction for my best friends who passed away girl

I’m really fighting with myself about this one, they were only together for 2 weeks before he passed, and we’ve been together often mourning him and she’s really helped. Then we got drunk one night and she tried to hook up with me and I told her I couldn’t. It’s just really confusing because I loved my friend he was my fucking world but idk if he’d be okay with us hooking up or not. She was telling me it’s what he would’ve wanted but I can’t be sure and I want to make the right decision and not have any persistent guilt. Me and my buddy have had sex with the same girls before, even at the same time so I’m not immediately convinced. Maybe I should just stop talking to her but what if I’d be missing out on something great?
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2021.05.07 05:54 tjlk_6794 Multiple candles in a spell?

Does anyone else use multiple candles in a single spell?
Ive been studying up on wicca for about two years, but I have only done physical spells a few times. I am wanting to manifest luck and/or success in getting a new job that I've applied for. Ive read green candles can be used for luck and orange can be used for success in professional life, so I was considering utilizing both. What are your thought? Blessed be. (*)
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2021.05.07 05:54 awsomejwags2 r/telegramNSFW finally banned, goodbye groomers

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2021.05.07 05:54 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-carmelo-bene-0

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2021.05.07 05:54 AndromexZ Is being a glasscannon viable?

Now, every class can be a glasscannon. But, i want to know if being a glasscannon is really hard or not. It technically is, but could it be too hard to use?
For example, a glasscannon Pyromancer. The "glass" is basically having atleast no points in hp, only armor. And then add the double edged sword skill which you can deal more damage, but you also receive more damage from enemies aswell. You can be a untouchable guy if you have Fire aura, and just run away from enemies until they burn.
I feel like this is the easiest way of a glasscannon. The "cannon" part is the massive amount of damage caused by the burn effect. This may be a good glasscannon as you can easily run away from any enemy until they burn to death. You won't be hit if you didn't attack, but i have no idea if glasscannons can deal with bosses.
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2021.05.07 05:54 ExplosiveChaos Blade Dance Suggestion

For anyone has been playing or watching ranked since the expansion, it has been pretty obvious how popular Blade Dance has been, especially AziIrelia. Although I have not minded playing against Blade Dance as much as some, I have found certain situations extremely frustrating to play against.
There seems to be two main types of interactions commonly used with the card:
"When allies attack" - Azir, Emperor's Dias, Miss Fortune
"When you summon an ally" - Sparring Student, Greenglade Duo, Inspiring Marshall, Field Musician
Although individually these interactions feel fine to play against, it is the combination of these that is frustrating to face for me. For example, Azir and Emperor's Dias easily creates a wide board while Sparring Student and Greenglade Duo easily creates a tall board in the exact same turn for a relatively low many cost. This makes high rolls for the deck feel so much stronger than what it should be, especially for how relatively easy it is to execute.
My suggestion would be to remove one of these interactions with Blade Dance. More specifically, I feel like the "When allies attack" interactions are the issue since they seem to be tuned with the idea of usually only activating every other round, so it would be nice for the Blade Dance to not count as an actual attack. This would force Irelia's card to be slightly tweaked, perhaps using strikes instead of attacks to level her up. I do not want the "When you summon an ally" effects to be removed; in fact, I find them to be the most interesting part of the Blade Dance decks to both play with and against.
I understand that it is too early in the expansion to truly judge the strength of Blade Dance since the meta has not been established and decks are not optimized, and there are other deck types that may be equally strong or even stronger. Despite this, I do still believe that it is good to discuss possible ideas on how to change frustrating aspects of Blade Dance in case Riot does feel the need to tweak the mechanic in a future patch.
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2021.05.07 05:54 AdExact1606 I’m not being rude here but genuinely speaking how do people still get scammed man in 2021..there’s literally 10 anti scam post ever other hour here and ppl still get scammed? Guess u gotta learn the hard way

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2021.05.07 05:54 Jacoblyonss More than I could chew

I made the quite serious mistake of starting the pyanodon mod suite a couple days ago
I legitimately don't understand how these production chains are possible
You need various biological components to make green science, but in order to make those components you need techs that require green science. I've been through several different versions of this dilemma and the latest is plastic. In order to get any farms beyond moss, seaweed, and mushrooms, you need this genetic research building, which takes plastic to craft. Unless I am missing something rather substantial (again), the plastic recipe takes a couple of the components I'm trying to get in the first place.
Could probably just look up the answers in a play through but it seems like this must be possible, figuring this out should be possible. it just isn't
Literally unplayable
Seriously though, my only real complaint about this mod, which I knew going in was notoriously, mind-twistingly, difficult, is that the [extended cursing] technologies are not in the order of their [even more extended cursing] recipes. In the vanilla game, you have to research intermediate products first. Before you get cars, you have to already have engines. The wall I keep hitting is when I'm all set to start building something and realize I don't have the recipe for one of its components, which then leaves me pouring through the tech tree trying to find it. The tech tree is arranged almost just conceptually and when you get access to recipes often doesn't make a ton of sense, for example you can often craft buildings well before you can do anything with them. This makes the whole experience not just *extremely difficult* but *extremely confusing.* When I described this to my girlfriend she said it sounded like trying navigate government bureaucracies, which she spends a fair bit of time struggling to do. I told her I was very frustrated but technically still having fun; I am uncertain how long that will remain the case.
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2021.05.07 05:54 oOHurricaneOo No one is quitting... take this time to check discord or your msf resources and educate yourself on your next move. Or complain here and get no where up to you 👍

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2021.05.07 05:54 khaasadmi Covid-19: Six US planes carrying medical supplies reached India in past few days

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2021.05.07 05:54 sebyx07 Titanfall 2 instantly obtained greatly prominent on Heavy steam, so currently it's complimentary for the weekend break

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